Friday, May 18, 2007


okay- 2 posts in one day- yipee-no-i'm doubly pissed x2-is there a mathematical formula? i just spent ANOTHER45 minutes trying to figure out WHY my last pissy post would not let me allow comments when i never touched a button to undo anything-i've learned not to push buttons in this commuter world when you don't know what they mean.-this confirms my suspicions-my computer is possessed!

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Sharon said...

I learned two things today. As for posts, there's an options hyperlink at the bottom of your edit screen on the left. Make use your comments button is on. Also, for blogrolling, it's so much easier without html. Have you navigated to the new version of Blogger? You'll never have to mess to html again. I just blogrolled all my posts. It was *so* much easier under the version than the old programming html language version.