Sunday, May 6, 2007

rebel ridge

yesterday i had a great time at our local plant sale and flea market at the rebel ridge market.

i had a booth selling all my new hand-dyed rovings and handspun yarn-i did well and want to thank everyone who supported me! thank you thank you! here's some pics:

it was a grand day as my friends showered me with awesome gifts from the flea market-take a look at these treasures-that i will cherish!

hugs to jeanette, rhodie and genivieve! i did spend one dollar on these awesome handpainted wooden clogs-perfect for for my woolydaisy identity. a good time was had by all-it was so good to see friends i have not seen in awhile and to meet new ones! i love my town and community-i may be a hermitess but i do appreciate you all! even the infamous fiber blogger birdsong was there.

well, the chicks are doing great-i brought them outside today for some fresh air-i have to keep them caged unfortunately because of luca brasi!-she's always on the prowl. lucie and ruth came to check the wee ones out-very cute. but once they got a good wiff of them lucie and ruth ran away! integration is going to be fun! the chicks heard their first airplane(except for the one they rode in on!)outside-they stared at the sky and ran for cover-smart gurls!

hubby's latest homebrew is just too good!-it's called "orange velvet"yum yum slurp! i need to bring in the babies-the wind is picking up!

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Birdsong said...

We have to come by sometime for some beer...I did get a chance to start spinning my new colorful roving and it is lovely to work with... some will end up as yarn for my crocheted tote. I will bring my squares and show you at the next Knit Nite! I checked out that chicken collection and you got the best one.