Thursday, May 17, 2007


yesterday our home school charter went to the aerospace museum of california to see "the da vinci experience." what a great field trip. a father and son from italy decided to study all his inventions and make them into working models. some inventions are still used today. did you know da vinci invented the life preserver, the underwater breathing thingee, the bicycle, the tank and tons more. here's a few photos: the figures were liam's favorites.

damn-i can't figure out how to place these pics right-the computer(blasted things) won't let me arrange them. anyway-my boy loved it-especially all the cool military planes they have there. if you are close to sacramento and enjoy da vinci and military shit-don't miss this! okay i have to admit as much as i hate war-the planes are pretty cool-my favorite was this one-with wonder woman hand painted on the nose.
oh shoot-i wanted to put a bigger picture so you could see wonder woman-i can't figure out how to delete the pics. computer tard!!!

on the garden side of things-i've had it! just had it with digging up these raised beds for gopher control-i've cheated. my tomato bed-i can't have a summer without garden fresh matoes! so i bought those gopher baskets-5 of them. they are flat when you buy them and you open them and shape them into a cylinder.

then you bury it up to the paint line.

we planted a roma, sweet 100, sunsugar, zebra stipe and a german johnson.-yea! i will eat tomatoes this summer!!! the carolina golds were all sold out so none this year. boo hoo.

my babies are learning to perch!

they get to go out in the day-but still sleep in the bathroom at night. chickens rock!


soxchik said...

I hate my gophers too. I tried flooding, smoking them out (both vanilla incense and Indian Nag Champra incense), borrowing neighbors dogs to scare them out and nothing seems to work. I hate them!

Mia said...

I wonder if it work for rabbits? I have a rabbit eating just one basil plant and one flower. But it keeps digging up a few others. They can be a major pain.

wooly daisy said...

hi mia-i don't think it will work for rabbits as they can climb over.
good luck!