Sunday, June 22, 2008

vay-cay part 3

one of the best parts of our yosemite trip was leaving the crowded valley floor and heading to tuolumne meadows. here's a shot of the back side of the infamous half dome from olmstead point. check out all that granite!
gotta love the succulents growing out of that granite!picnic lunch at tenaya lake:next stop- the grand lembert dome.we decided to climb it. we chose NOT to take the trail but blaze our own. it was very amazing-and steep!we finally made it to the top:got boulders?going up was one thing-coming down was a totally different thing-can you say scary? mama bear kicked in and i just wanted my family safely down on the ground with no cracked skulls. carey led the way-remember-he's 6'2". what was easy for him was a bit harder for liam and i. yes, i was secretly freaking. although-hubby noticed big time i was not being very secretive. anyway- we did make it down safely and we all felt very empowered.


Sharon said...

Yeah, it's really rough living in the West - such an ugly place. Really.

soxchik said...

I would have been freaking too. Such beautiful views, I'm sure it was worth it. By the way, I am typing this at am old timey Naval library, complete with card catalogs! Love the dewey decimals!

Suzie said...

Gorgeous photos! Glad to hear it all went well.