Sunday, June 29, 2008

mystery photo contest

just when you thought i was done posting about our vacation....... you should be so lucky! i've decided to torture you all a bit more. instead of staying at yosemite for our entire trip like most "normal" folks would have done we changed our locale for a completely different view. a different geographical/topographical situation- can you say A.D.D.?

i've decided to run a little contest. i will post a picture from the town we ventured off to. if you can guess-you win a prize-you don't have to be a knitter/spinner to play. i will "gift" appropriate to your likes. here we go!here's a clue: we stayed in the state of california. the town is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . if no one can guess we can play hang man/wheel of fortune-you can guess letters! let the contest begin!!!!!

i updated my etsy shop with some rovings-the pictures suck-so i have to redo them all-oh the bother!!!! i just can't get the colors right. they look so much better in real life!! here's a few:i did some more dying today. i have more color-ways to add. i do tend to go a bit over board with the greens/golds/yellow trip. my goal this summer is to expand my color experience.

i'm tired of the smoke-i over did it yesterday with outdoor activity and woke up with sore lungs! we did find a new swimming hole-we named it "fiddle hole." sorry no pictures.


MX said...

Can I guess more than one? Jamestown?;-)
When we're on vacation, what difference huh? I'm so glad you got away for some and great scenery!

Birdsong said...

Well, it's probably cheating for me to guess, as I knew your proposed itinerary, and can recognize that coastal fog-on-hillside look... Point Reyes? I love the cute girl and goat sign, and wonder if the informal bus comes by to pick up people waiting in the chair.

soxchik said...

I am so liking your citrusy colors. That green is so you.

Maia said...

It looks like coastal northern California, maybe Sonoma county, Bodega Bay?