Monday, June 16, 2008

v-a-c-a-tion: part 1

two very excited and happy guys ready to embark on a journey. liam's mandolin teacher wanted him to bring his instrument on the trip with us-ha! as you can see the back of our subaru is packed to the brim. sorry barry!

we are very lucky that our library has a great selection of books on tape-which we always check out to help with boredom on long car rides. this story kept the whole family captivated-although carey already knew the story as he had read the book. we were packed and ready to go by 10:38 a.m. a bit later than we wanted-but not too bad. we journeyed for many hours. our destination.........................can you guess? that huge solid piece of granite is el capitan. yep-destination- yosemite national park. carey had never been and it had been 20 years since hubby was there. we thought it important to see it again before carey is all grown up-damn, it happens so quick!! it is such an awe inspiring place to be. it's almost unreal. surreal. paradise. we started off simple and slow. a mellow walk to mirror lake.we did a short climb to devil's bathtub. roy and carey encountered a big ole rattle snake-that happens to them a lot. liam and i were checking out old phone/powerlines-looking for insulators. the climb was short and easy-in fact i get more winded walking up our hill to neighbor rhodie. what a view! we got to watch the rescue helicopter hard at work.hubby and carey were a bit disappointed with devil's bathtub. the water trickles down a shear cliff into a crevice pocket forming small pools. you can sit in them-to cool off-which we found to contain small leeches. here's what the view looks like looking straight up from the pool.i have a better picture but liam is begging me not to post it as he is rolling his eyes-ha! later we had snacks in curry village-boys-ice cream, hubby and i-beer. then back to the campsite for burritos and a few games of spades.


Jeanne said...

Fun! And spectacular!!

Beryl said...

Yosemite is a magical place and I never get tired of being there (although it has been years now). Your pictures are glorious Another place you guys might enjoy is Mt. Lassen. Lots of geology underfoot!

MX said...

Great pictures, thanks! I love Yosemite and miss it so much.
If you stop in Buck Meadows to eat, please say hello to Joe at the restaurant.

Have fun and post more pictures!

soxchik said...

I love the pics. My Katherine says that Despereaux was a great read.