Wednesday, June 25, 2008

it's fog-really it is!!!

well- i wanted to keep posting on our vay-cay, but life keeps happening(aren't you glad?)

i want to to throw a heart felt thanks to all the hard working fire-fighters who are working so hard to put all our wild fires out. there are so many. we are currently under no threat(knock on wood.) but we are experiencing a lot of smoke-making breathing an effort-we have sore throats, nausea and head aches. it's kind of a catch 22 as we need to keep windows closed to keep the smoke out yet we are so hot-needing to open windows-ugh! i haven't done laundry in days as i don't want the clothes to smell like smoke when i hang them to dry.

kama is pleased at the mountain of laundry growing-she sneaks in the house-climbs up a skate board to the top of the pile:
and she lays the golden egg!thanks kama!

normally we have a beautiful view from our front porch-now we see nothing but smoke. i try to trick myself and convince myself-i really live at the coast and this is really fog not smoke! ha! that's a stretch.

we were fed up with the smell and yucky breathing and wanted to go to the river- we decided to go to the north fork and escape it but we forgot about the cal-ida fire. i took this picture-so much for getting out of the smoke.we decided to stay as there was no escape. the river was a bit too cold for my liking so i practiced my banjo while liam and hubby swam.but we found a new swimming hole on the way home-not as cold-i could even enjoy it.- we named it tanager bend as we saw a beautiful one there leading the way.i did some fiber dying this past week end-i wanted to do some solar dying but since the sun was deeply covered in smog-it wasn't nearly as hot-so it was stove top for me. here's pre- steaming examples:sorry- no time for finished product photos-maybe another time. i'm pooped! gonna hit the hay.


Jeanne said...

Your chicken is so funny!

And the fires sound scary--take care!! The smoke sounds awful!

Sharon said...

We're getting the smoke too. Ian says it reminds him of Cormack McCarthy's book, The Road - everything is burning. He won a Pulitzer for that book, but it's depressing just the same. p.s. Love your colors~

Gwen Buchanan said...

Love all your photographs... and your sweet chicken... i don't have any yet since we moved here but we are planning on hopefully getting some within the next year.. as soon as we get a spot made for them.. I miss having fresh eggs.

Hope you stay safe from the fires.. i have been hearing about them on the news.. your photo brings it so up close..
your holiday looked totally wonderful.. exactly what a vacation should be!!!

Romi said...

Urg. Isn't the smoke horrendous?! And, according to our paper this morning, not one of the fires is contained. :P

Your chicken is hilarious and I love the colors of roving. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Aren't chickens the best?! I love the color of your rovings, especially the pinks. Your vacation also looked absolutely amazing. Sorry about that stinky smoke, I wish I could send you some of are air.