Tuesday, June 17, 2008

sorry to interrupt...

sorry to interrupt our vacation post(although a friend pointed out to me that camping is NOT a vacation) but.........the celtics kicked ass tonight and won the NBA finals and here in northern california there's nothing like seeing the Lakers lose a championship- they are dirty pool players and i hate them. yes- i know hate is strong word-but i can actually say-"I HATE THE LAKERS" and feel good about it. yippee-yeah celtics!! i draped the T.V. in green wool last sunday for the game and the celtics lost. so my great friend anne(from high school) who lives in MPLS. decided as we watched the game together via telephone-we were drinking the wrong thing. she was drinking wine-WTF?-who drinks wine watching basketball? i was drinking nectar ale IPA. but we needed to be drinking guiness(the luck of the irish). we agreed to both drink guiness for the next game. well- no one around here sells guiness and i was not going to drive miles to obtain it-but i had a great mojo IPA and adorned the family with shamrock stickers.-YES! we kicked ass! by the way- anne was drinking vodka during the game-the combo worked!!

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