Sunday, June 1, 2008

.....and they lived to tell the tale!

a few weekends ago hubby and older son-carey went river rafting on the north fork of the yuba river. they did Maytag.........and they lived to tell the tale. liam and i were going to hike in and watch-as it is right by one of our summer swimming holes. liam ended up sick and we stayed home. luckily the rafting company has their own photographer so they came home with a disk loaded with awesome photos. here's a few more: carey(he's the blonde one) very happy below. hubby is on the left.


Karen said...

wow, she's a wild river this time of year! it would have freaked me out to watch...i'd rather just see the disc! have a couple of thrill seekers, it seems! great to see them enjoying this season as well.

soxchik said...

Whoa! That looks fun. I would rather be on the bank watching though.