Monday, April 2, 2007


i want to start this post with this photo of a meadow lark little son took today. what a blessing-it is the first one i've seen on our property! hubby's favorite bird too!

take 2-i hate, absolutely hate having to redo things-especially typing into the computer. i always forget to "save" as i go along-what a pain. i get involved in writing and it just slips my mind. lately my less than good computer had taken to just shutting off all by itself.-whenever it pleases. this does cause me problems-"saving is my friend, saving is my friend, saving is my friend" is my new mantra-quick-save it! do i need to do it after every effin sentence-argh! what a waste of my precious time-i know, i know-so is redoing the whole damn thing too! so i will attempt to rewrite my blog entry and try not to be to pissy about it.

as per request, in previous blog sharon wanted to know which roving my son called "swamp" and how i achieved it. i attempted to take notes but didn't do a good job till i got to my last two rovings-the plum one and the dusty raspberry. so, the one my son called "swamp" is the middle roving hanging in the photo of the last post.-i tried taking new photos but they came out even worse. the colors i dyed came out swampier with the gold /navy mixture-more so then the scarlet,yellow and turq. mixture. sorry if this is greek to some of you.
i made a full spectrum of gold/navy dilutions:
100% gold
100% navy

i realized this was a waste of dye so sara told me to pick 3 or 4 colors from the spectrum i wanted. so, i tried this approach. i found a colorway in her sample notebooks that i liked-then i picked a color near the top,middle and bottom. when i painted my roving i left some white paces in between colors so they would bleed together and produce the colors i left out.-i don't want to bore you with all my formulas-i will email them to any one who wants them. but here are 2 photos of a paper towel color sample and the formula. for the last 2 rovings-the dirty plum and dusty raspberry rovings-see past post.

if anyone wants me to decipher this-just let me know. anyway-i've been dying some more wild and fun colors for the upcoming local plant and seed sale may 5th-i'm gonna have a booth selling handspun yarn and dyed rovings. check out the color explosion: i would like to leave you with one more mantra: pre-drafting is my friend, pre-drafting is my friend, pre-drafting is my friend

my spinning has greatly improved since i've followed this one. my friend sue was always telling me to take the time(oh geeze-here comes that patience thing again) to pre-draft, so was beryl at "spinning saturday" and now i read it at pippi's site-on one of her tutorials.-okay okay okay-i get it! gee, the older i get the more i learn-it's about time!


beryl said...

Lots of eye popping colors in that roving shot. Also, tell your son that the meadowlark photo is just perfect.

Birdsong said...

Look at that pile of roving! You worked your fanny off, going for some very specific results and such attention to detail should help when it comes to chanting mantras.