Thursday, April 19, 2007

trixie for president!

last week i found out that christina ricci is going to play "trixie" in the new speed racer movie. hey, i know she is one hot babe but can she really fill trixie's shoes? i was thinking maybe winona ryder(maybe she's too old). speed racer was my all time favorite after school cartoon-all us kids would race home to see it. and i always got to play trixie when we played speed racer-mainly because i was the only girl in the neighborhood.(maybe that's why i'm a gurl!) anyway-i'm not too sure how i feel about this movie-classics like speed racer should just be left alone-hollywood does tend to ruin many a good thing!

well, ive been busy dyeing and spinning for my 2 upcoming local spring sales. here's some skeins drying in the bathroom-i need to get this done before my bathroom becomes the baby chick brooder. i just sold this hat(thanks for modeling shell!) to someone in ireland. this is so exciting for me to think someone in ireland is wearing one of my hats-a place i so terribly want to visit. i want to travel in one of those gypsy wagons and leave this fast pace life behind.
everyday when i take a peek at the news headlines(i don't know why i bother sometimes) i'm just so discusted with the state of affairs-the war, the campus shooting, and the effin genocide in africa-which is NOT in the headlines-gee-why isn't bush trying to help these folks if he thinks he so high and mighty for helping folks. maybe if they discovered oil in africa he would sing a different tune. well, the anger builds in me and i just don't know know what to do with all this energy-i've lived long enough to see the big boys have all the power and all the peaceful demonstrations in the world aint gonna change a damn thing-yes i vote- but does it do any good? cheating still prevails-call me cynic or pessimist-but i just can't help it. so i told hubby i needed to find a way to vent this rage-i decided on roller derby- yes- i know i'm older than the chicks that are skating today-but i have more years of rage built up then they do and i lived on roller skates as a kid-remember i was trixie.-WHEELS. well, last night hubby woke me to show me on the sacramento news there is now roller derby in sac town and they are always looking for new skaters-yeeha!!! i said-but he said look at them honey-they are all missing teeth- i responded-i will wear teeth guards like the kings do-my blood was flowing i was ready to go kick some ass-he told me-let's go watch first-then you can decide. hmmm-this could be fun!!!! wow, where did this spew come from- on a more peaceful note i will leave you with one of little son's photos.


JAK said...

you do wonderful work, and you write very well.
....I wish I knew how to do that spinning, and tye dye stuff...and someday I will have that chicken farm I have spoke of all my life.
I admire you
Ken Jensens Friend Jen

Sharon said...

Stef, they did discover oil in Africa. It's called Nigeria, so it's oil and...I don't get it. I'm just as angry as you are - I think a lot of us are. The question is how to depose the king, short of cutting off his head. Whoops, that would make Dick Cheney king. Sure you wanna do that???

JAK said...

Oh no worries about misspelling, I can read all misspelling, kinda odd eh? Yes I love trucks...I miss my truck...Lesson learned, that is for sure.
Thanks for the kudos on the poetry...
its just babble.

Birdsong said...

Roller derby may be one way to let off the steam that the news boils up! Sharon's got some points to ponder over there... not sure that an election will fully solve the problem but I did hear on one of the talk shows that Bush surrounds himself with people that make him look like the smartest person in the room, and that just ISN'T helping.

Which sales are you going to do?