Friday, April 13, 2007

"que sera sera"

first, i want to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts during this heavy time. thanks a bunch!

well, i'm starting to come out of my hole of depression and guilt over the death of our dog. just when i start feeling better i get a sympathy card from the vet. making sure i know that my decision to put her to sleep was humane and loving. hmmm. the flood gates open again and i still feel uncertain about my decision. heavy sigh. so little son and i decide to get away for the day and cruise up into the sierras in my sweet '89 jimmy4x4.

destination-downieville. the cool thing about this town is it's not that far away-but when you are there you feel like you are somewhere else-like you really got away. very nice when gas was 3.39/gallon. gulp! the day was gorgeous-still lite dusting of snow from the night before-yet it was sunny and warm. we found a garden of "ducks"(not sure of spelling) at the river and built one for chelsie.
we went to check out pauly creek falls-thanks for directions birdsong-we found it! i had a tasty beer at the falls while little son did what he loves-scavenging. we returned home with a small booty. then we explored dirt roads and found numerous trails for future hiking!

fiberstuff-well, last week i finished a cotton toddler dress for my etsy store. it could also be a shirt for an older child. very soft-it was made from manos cotton.
in the midst of my sadness i attempted to start a pair of pippi's felted fireside booties. wow-i don't know if it's been my roller coaster emotions or what but i'm in total tard city. the first bootie i started knitting inside out-the 2nd one is turning out smaller than the first and i messed up one toe-but i figure-hey they are felted-it will all come out in the wash-i refuse-absolutely refuse to start these things over-"que sera sera!" how's that for letting go? i used noro kureyon-color 185. they are coming out way different from each other-i like this-i'm not a matching kinda gal. when i finish i will post the final out come-we will see if i'm still singing "que sera sera!"

happy friday the 13th!


Sharon said...

As long as what's different isn't the size, I think they'll be very fun when they're done.

Birdsong said...

Shoot, you didn't say on the phone that you were grieving... though I can't think of a better place for it than up at the falls. When it gets really hot, I will have to show you a few good beaches up that way. Sure love it along the North Fork.