Tuesday, April 17, 2007

nature's weavers

we had an awesome wind storm today-and unfortunately a newly made nest was blown from a tree. this thing was too cool. it is one of those hanging nests-anyone know what kind of bird made it? nature's ultimate weaver. i found yarn, horse hair, leaves, dry grass, dental floss and tons of that gross fake snow crap-looks like wool but is not-that poly fiber fill-my kids used it for some winter display(sent by grammi years ago)-all woven into a cozy home.

what a bummer to have to rebuild. poor little birdies. life has been busy-getting back into the swing of things. i went to an awesome workshop yesterday for homeschool parents on watercolor painting-making your own paints with stuff around the house. i.e.-cola, coffee, tea, cabernet, grass clippings, mustard, ashes, blueberries, dirt and vanilla. the technique i likes best was the old tempera-with the egg yolk-mixed with food coloring-done in layers of cross hatching.(that's what the old masters did.) see the pear-that's the egg tempera.
yes, i did finish my fireside booties. and of course i was not happy- i screwed up the heels-way to short and one booties was bigger than the other-i panicked a bit in the felting process as i forgot to put them in a pillow case and these puppies grew-not shrank-but grew to about 15 inches-sasquatch booties i tell you-even after 5 wash cycles. so i popped them into a pillow a case and they indeed felted-but were still way to big for me-meanwhile, as they were drying, neighbor and friend rhodie stops by-falls in love with them and she is now the proud owner of some fireside booties. i ran up to her house this morning and got a quick shot.
spring has definitely sprung here-our first wild california poppy bloomed and check out how lush my poison oak is. gee if i can only a figure out a way to market this stuff!

spring is not not complete around here without the immence blooming of mary's(may she rest in peace) dogwood. when they were putting in our driveway years back she threatened to shoot the guy if he came near or injured that wild dogwood tree. thanks mary!!!!!!


Sharon said...

We seem to be through cycles of spring and winter, and today it's winter. This morning it was spring. At least we don't have to deal with poison oak. Nice water colors, Stef.

Birdsong said...

I wish I could have gone to that painting workshop... looks like great fun making art. The booties are cool... glad they fit your friend.

Beryl said...

I totally agree with Mary. Saving a dogwood is a "very good thing"