Friday, April 27, 2007

ass blaster and chevrolets

well, i finally finished the book-"Push not the River" by james martin. not because it was not good but because i'm a very slow reader and have little time to read-even though i love to read. one of my favorite genres is historical fiction. i got this book from my mom for xmas-so it only took me 4 effin months to finish this one!this book takes place in poland during the catherine the great invasion of poland in the late 1700's. man, what a soap opera! if you think you've had a bad day-check out anna maria's life-puts it all into perspective. i know it is fiction-but the cornerstone of this novel is from an old unpublished diary of countess anna maria berezowska.

on the fibery side o my life-i've been spinning and dying lots-i hope to get some pics posted this weekend. we had knitting nite at my neighbor/friend rhodie's last nite. wow-what fun we had! gee i got home at midnite-this is very late for me- we go to bed early at my house. no wonder i'm so tired.

on another note-chickens. for us country folks-netflix is a blessing. tonight we watched the funniest documentary(?) on chickens called "the natural history of the chicken." oh my god! it is hysterical-all you chicken lovers out there have to see this film-you will pee your pants! thanks for the recommendation mimi!- i cried too!

today-was cleaning ruth's butt day! now that spring is in full swing here-the green stuff is growing and the bugs are flowin-the hens are happy as can be-my gurls are free range-so they have been in hog heaven. well, ruth got diarrhea from something-i don't think she's sick-as she is full of energy and there is no change in her egg laying. i think it's something she ate. the problem was-her vent(aka-butt) was getting a big build up of poop-even though the diarrhea seems to be gone-everytime she poops-it keeps sticking to the old and hardened runny stuff-sorry, is this too much information for ya? hope you are not eating while reading this.-anyway, me and the boys decided to give ruth a butt bath- and guess what? i finally know how to do "youtube"- we got it on film for your viewing pleasure-(those of you who are lucky enough to have high speed internet-i'm so jealous!)-enjoy! next day: geez-i guess i don't know how to upload a video-after hours of fiddleing with it last nite-it would not work. so if anyone wants to see ruth get a bath go to youtube and do a search for woolydaisy. i only have 2 videos-ruth's bath and my easter sunday polar bear plunge into the yuba river(before chelsie's accident)-the water was soooooo cold-we are talking snow melt!

we started the day off today-(saturday) by sleeping in-i got up at 7:58-shoot! i hate wasting the day. anyway little son and i had to go to a planning meeting for our home school group trip to yosemite. we are very exciting indeed-we are going with ralph-and he knows yosemite! we will be camping for 3 nites and 4 days. he teaches the homeschoolers digital photography-it's a photography fieldtrip. here's ralph enjoying a burrito from the super stop! we love you ralphie pooh!!!!!

after the meeting we headed for town-the annual "roamin angels" classic car show! now i've been going to this show for ages and i have yet to see a dodge dart-is this some kind of prejudice or what? anyway-little son took tons of pictures. here's a few.

this was little son's favorite-a 1931 dodge pickup. we like rustic!
i'm a wagon gurl-these were my two favorite wagons-56 belair and a chevy nova -son thinks it was a 69. here's son's second favorite- a 1930 ford tow truck:muscle cars always have a place in my heart-hey-it was my era. this chevy nova brought a smile to my face. my high school boyfriend's best friend had one of these-and man-oh-shevitz did we have fun in this machine-too much fun-he he! his was dark green. but i have to say my favorite car was a 63(my year!) chevy nova call "georgia peaches"-check this beauty out-i want ! i need! i have to have!

what a peach-eh? but what you can't see are the flames-they are an irredecent peachy silver which you can't see unless you are standing right there and the sun hits it just so-SWEET! yes that deserved capital letters.

by the way-little son named this blog title for me!


Sharon said...

Okay, you need to come to Reno for Hot August Nights. Your photos are, like whatever. Especially go to Sparks for their parade at night and call it a home-schooling history lesson. It's a very important part of our past IMHO. Oh how I wish you lived closer so you could be my egg lady. I *need* an egg lady!

Birdsong said...

I agree with Sharon... heck, call it a vacation, but go to Hot August Nights. Talk about fun and the cars are great too.

jeanette said...

Watched the "Ruthie Poop" clip. God Steph, glad she doesn't know she's being broadcast across the Internet for all to watch her poopie butt bath... I believe she would be a wee bit embarrasssed.. seems like she didn't mind so much... what a sweet bird.