Monday, April 9, 2007

in loving memory

in loving memory of our dear sweet dog "CHELSIE GURL" who was struck by a car on easter sunday.
we love you and miss you and we are very very sad.


Sara said...

Oh. So sorry :(.

Sharon said...

Oh Stef, I'm sorry. "Pet" is such is small name for the large role they play in our lives.

liberal redneck said...

I'm so sorry. I've lost too many beloved pets to cars, It just never gets any easier.

beryl said...
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beryl said...

I'm so very sorry Steph. Dogs are like members of our family and to lose one is a very sad event.

Tala said...

So sorry to hear about Chelsie. So sad.

With the booties, I believe what I did was to just knit or purl till one before the gap, then knit or purl the stitch right before and right after the gap together, joining the gap up, so to speak. Make sense? I actually emailed Pippi, and she got right back to me, but I deleted her email - if I remember right, she might have said to knit 11 every row. Geez, now I don't remember! Maybe working 11 stitches every row brings you to that gap, where you knit/purl the two stitches either side of the gap together? Give it a try!

I LOVE the rovings from a few posts back - gorgeous colors, both the muted fibers and the brighter ones! You've got a great eye!