Sunday, April 29, 2007

wooly hops!

every winter hubby and i say we are going to redo the hop trellis-when the ground is wet and soft and every year winter passes and the trellis is untouched. now the ground is already hard and the hops are growing again. this morning i was inspired to do something-to make it a wee bit better-till next winter when we can do it "right."-ha! so here was my creation-with stuff we already had lying around-bamboo, string(found at the river-hubby is real thrifty) and duct tape!-looks like something from gilligan's island! we'll see if we get more production this year.

right now i'm waiting for some shade to hit my garden so i can continue to dig up another raised bed, so i can lay the gopher wire down. i did manage to take some pics of my current spinning.
here's a few from our guild dye day:

i ordered some undyed falkland island wool roving from rock star pippi- i dyed it bright green for some fun socks-the colors are kind of a mix of these 2 pics-still struggling with photographing.

this morning when i was working on the hop trellis-we had a visit from the neighbors peacock and i found the most adorable baby snake-too cute!

i've been trying to walk everyday to get ready for our yosemite trip. yesterday we came upon a patch of wild iris and we always have a snack of fresh fir needles for a vitamin c boost! we eat the light green tips-yum!


Sharon said...

Gorgeous yarns - wow!! In answer to your question, Hot August Nights is busy and hot, but even if you only come one time, I think you'd enjoy it - if classic cars are a passion. It's in several venues but I like Sparks best and enjoy sitting on the curb and watching the "parade" after sunset.

Birdsong said...

Your yarns are just great... full of color and very nice spinning! I love the reference to Gilligan's Island. Are you still thinking of taking CD spindles on the Yosemite trip?

JAK said...

I really enjoy reading about all the things you do all day long, and I love looking at the pictures too.
You seem to have a very busy life, and very interesting at that.
Thanks for the read

LoriO said...

That looks just like a snake we found on the trail by our house (in Sacramento). We brought it home and discovered it was a full grown Sharp Tailed snake. Did it have a pointy tail?

It kind of looked like a huge earthworm on the ground.