Thursday, March 1, 2007

melty hot wool and the knitters

i've been busy dyeing fiber for my etsy store. having way too much fun doing it! remember my fiber challenge? here it is so far. it's a bit scrunched as i didn't have long enough needles. it feels so satisfying watching those little balls of yarn disappear in my fingers. i'm rather obssessed with it at this point. watching the color changes-what a color study! i keep telling the family-"wait, let me just finish this tiny little ball"-as they wait for dinner, schooling or bedtime stories. i feel like a pioneer woman making quilts out of her scraps. i know-corney! but it's true. how can i throw these little balls of fiber away? and now i'm gonna have an awesome sweater with memories of all my past projects. besides my time taken up with this project i'm trying to do some green stuff for st. patty's day(my favorite day)--i'm bringing back the gnome hat- a super seller at my craft shows-in progress shown in-oh hell-i lost the label-it's here somewhere-but i think it's a wool/alpaca blend. the little ball of "spring" will soon be another hat-i hand painted the merino roving and spun it. i can smell the leprechauns. "reclaim the snake!"

on another note-what a week-i turned 44-gulp-egads. still don't feel grown up. check out these awesome cookies my friend rhodie made me-she knows i hate cake. we have home movies on the super 8 showing me as a wee one crying when it came to cake eating-yuk! look at these luscious jems-chocolate chip with nuts- mmmmm! my favorite cookie-hey, i'm a simple gurl! thank you rhodi-hugs to you- i finally got a cd i've wanted for years-hubby down loaded it for me-kisses to you- "the knitters"-excene cervenka(hope the spelling is right) and john doe -used to be in my favorite punk band "x"after they broke up they did this for awhile-don't know when the knitters ended-or maybe they are still happening-i'm just out of the scene ya know. anyway-the album is "poor little critter on the road."-effin awesome! thanks to pippi for the correct spelling of effin! the best rendition of "rock island line" i've ever heard. exene-I LOVE YOU! you rock gurl!

thanks to sara for teaching me how to do links! sorry for the weird spacing of this post but i'm still trying to figure this stuff all out!

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