Monday, March 5, 2007

city fun

us hillbillies(no, this is not a pic of us) do come off our hill every once in awhile and head to the city. hubby and i actually had a date last saturday-with no kids! wow-now that's a rare phenomenon. we even had fun. no bickering or arguing-well, that's not true-we had a slight incident in the begining-i hate being late for things(yes, i can be a real freak about it)-it does'nt bother him. But the "spillit quikkers" were playing(and it does take awhile to get there) at the hoppy brewing company-one of our fav. brewpubs from 11:00am-1:00pm- it's beer for brunch time. since we never go out-i didn't want to miss any of it. we love the spillitquikkers!!!! two hours just isn't enough. at least we got the tiff out of the way. The rest of the day was great. After pubbing we headed to the crocker art museum. they were having a ansel adam with georgia o'keefe show. a bit misleading-there was only one small georgia painting. it turned out to be photos of a trip to yosemite with georgia and some of the rockefellers. there was pic. of georgia leaning against a snag-very awesome indeed. i will see if i can put in on my blog. wow-
check it out-the crocker let me steal this ansel adams photo! too cool.

there was also a show of betye saar-she does collage and installation-type work-i think that's what you call it. i'm no art expert. her stuff was intense-dealing with the african american experience.

well, there happened to be a wedding reception happening at the museum and i'd had just about enough of that crowd. so-off we went to brew pub #2. the rubicon. They serve a mean i.p.a.-so full of hop flavor i wanted to break out into song and dance. but the waitresses looked like they had had quite enough of this type of behavior so i restrained myself and ordered fish tacos instead.-obviously a sign of my recent maturity. the rubi has the best fish tacos-no deep fried drippy taco mess here.-yum wish i had some now.( I better rap this up soon-little son is having math issues-pencils are flying, heavy sighing-even some growls-but he tells me he doesn't want any help.) after the rubicon we headed back home up into the hills-while leaving the city we saw the most beautiful pink full moon rise. a nice ending to our date.
sunday was spent doing outdoor chores as the weather was awesome. my salad bed survived-that old dollar store shower curtain really did the trick-we just threw it over the little lettucelings and they survived freezing temps and 2 snow dumps-we ate our first harvest last night with dinner. nothing like homegrown! i even saw the tiny sproutlings of the beets and radishes i planted a couple of weeks ago. amazing creatures.

not much fibering-i do have a new blue-faced leicester(wow-i can spell it from memory now) roving up on my etsy store. it's a full 10 oz. so one can spin for a bigger project.

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Sharon said...

I wonder if you've seen the new IPA from Sierra Nevada. With all the thought they had to put into the brew, they seemed to slight the creative investment in the label - it's pretty ugly. But the beer isn't.