Thursday, March 15, 2007

banjos not bombs!

this week i was blessed with a little post office "delite." Not only did i receive my brother's tea, but i got my bumper stickers and my new felix the cat t-shirt. felix the cat is playing the banjo-how cool is that? which sparked a post office debate-who's the better banjo player bella fleck or earl scruggs? gotta love small town post offices! if anyone has to sport one of these-i can email you the guys addy and he will fill your need! and to top it off 4 lbs. of merino and new dye colors for our st. partick's day dye for beer day at nettie's on sat.(kid free zone!-mama's day-yee ha! love the chitlans but sometime you just need gurl time-adult gurl time)

note-tea is behind girl playing banjo sticker and the beautiful daffodils and berries were hand delivered by my sweet 6 year old neighbor "raena" who informed me the strawberries were from her garden and her cousin made the plate. now miss raena is quite well known as a phenomenal story teller. like the time i fed her beet borscht and she told me how she loves borscht and the first time she ever tried it was the previous week when she and her dad went to russia for two nights and that's all they ate. now, if we were further along in the summer i might have believed the berries were from her garden-they have great ones-but i had just seen her berry bed and it was still sleeping. and the plate-well, hmmm? but the flowers just made my day-they do have them everywhere and my kitchen smelled so sweet.

well, i've tried posting earlier this week but my hands were just too darn sore. been doing a lot of physical property work. got 2 kinds of potatoes planted-yellow finns and nugget rusts. planted snow peas and lacinato kale too. i can't believe that my mixed lettuce bed survived all the snow and now the heat has caused them to bolt. damn. but the hens are happy. clover sprouts everywhere. hazel "grace" prefers her water from the dog bowl.

well, despite my sore hands i did get some spinning done at "spinning saturday"-a local spinning group that meets at the public library-what a fun time we had. and it seems like when we've exhausted all possible fiber discussions we end up ranting about politics. one observant spinner noted that when this happens we all start spinning super fast! as talk of our country's president escalated one spinner brought up the incident of people placing little flags with george's face on them into dog poop. i wondered if this was true or some kind of urban myth. so, the minute i got home i googled it. and sure enough-it was true. here's the proof-i guess it has been big in germany. what a statement.

on a lighter note- i did finish my 2 green hats for my etsy store in time for my st. patrick's day special- free shipping on any hand knit "green" item thru the month of march. the gnome hat turned out a bit dr. suessy-the yarn was super soft.

miss "raena" is modeling the dr. suessy hat-note spray bottle in background for training vicious kitten-she tries to attack the hens-more on her later. nighty night.


Rowen said...

Hey girl...I found you here...its funny to read a blog of someone you've actually met! It was fun chatting at Spinning sat...funny that you followed up on the bush/dog poop link!!LOL!!

I am dyeing today little girls got kool-aid in her bottles and mamas got the acid dyes, and were making a real mess of the kitchen! Happy St Pat's day!! Let there be green wool! Have fun dyeing and drinking too!

wooly daisy said...

hey rowen-so glad you found my blog-i think we had a little TOO much fun on st. pat's day and did'nt even get to dye till sun! hope your dyeing went well! i'd love to see what you did! take care and keep me posted about the new "arrival!"

Tala said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! The VisualDNA thingie has a link under it (Get your own VisualDNA) that you can link right to the site and make your own! It's cool!

I'm going to spend some time checking out your blog today! Thanks again for stopping by!

Sharon said...

I've been thinking about the question for a couple of days now - Bela or Earl??? I'm going with Bela because he broke with tradition and tried new banjoisms.