Friday, March 23, 2007

no time for books

i awoke this morning cloudy and confused- still stuck in that dream state. i tend to dream intensely in the early morning. starting my tea water i knew i had a busy day ahead of me. reflecting back on the day it was indeed busy but it was a good day.

*drink tea
* make kids breakfast
*feed and water chickens
*make dyes
*schooled till noon
*make lunch
*water lettuce, potatoes, peas and kale
*deal with alfalfa sprout jungle in kitchen-hubby tried to help with the sprout growing- used way too many seeds! they just keep on growing! not pretty sight!
*friends come over at 2:00-kids play i teach lynn to dye merino rovings for spinning
*friends leave at 5:00
*OH MY GOD! i realize my monthly Chicken Chronicles article for my local paper is due today!
and i haven't even started!
*write article while making dinner-burritos-again.
*have dinner
*free ladybugs from my refrigerator into my aphid infested lettuce patch
*wow-big son put chickens in their house without being told-thank you!
*rinse dye from wool-they have cooled-oooooh, aaaahhhhhh!
*practice banjo-gads-i really need to practice more
*read little son bedtime story
*attempt blog entry

-and i wonder why it takes me so long to finish a book.

was going to post pictures and write about st. patty's dye for beer day-way too tired! this a pictureless boring blog entry-is that legal?


Birdsong said...

Yay, Steph, now I have your blog address. I am in the same place about reading these days... just too much in a day to leave time left for anything but a few pages. I didn't know you played the banjo; so does Glenn!

wooly daisy said...

hey birdsong glad you found my blog-i wouldn't say that i PLAY banjo-i'm learning!!!!!!!!