Thursday, March 8, 2007

caffeine crisis!

i awoke this morning dead to the world. terror struck me as i opened my box of lyons tea. now, beer may be my first drug of choice but caffeine is my 2nd-in the form of tea. i don't do coffee. but i need my morning tea-every morning. how could i let this happen? as well as being a beer snob, i am also a tea snob. liptons just doesn't do it for me-or any other stuff they call tea at my little local market. it's a 30 minute drive to civilization-but i'm car less for 4 whole days! what was i to do? well, i did what any jonesing tea junkie would do when they realized there was a whole box wrapped and ready for the post office-in a birthday care package for their youngest brother. i tore into that box so fast-got the water boiling and sighed a great one. that was close-i didn't want to have to go pimpin to the neighbors-but then they only have "constant comment"-good grief! i got hooked on this tea when my grand pal nettie brought me some from her travels in ireland. no other tea would do for me-hooked bad. it was a great day when i discovered teadog in texas. phone in hand, i gave them a quick ring and ordered me a new shipment. these guys are great-teas from around the world-fresh and fast shipping. love you guys-kiss kiss kiss! sorry tommy-this was your box
of birthday tea. geeze-now your gift is going to be even later. but not as late as those xmas cards and boxes still waiting to be shipped-i am sooooooooo bad!

brother tommy, who's box of tea i stole-was thoughtful enough to send me a b-day gift certificate from amazon(it arrived on time, mind you!) and i finally got my own copy of spin to knit! yea! i just love this book-i've been borrowing my local fiber guild's copy-but had to return it. now i have my very own to drool all over! i can't wait to knit the faux fair isle raglan-uh-after i finish just a few of my pips(projects in progress)-yes that is plural.

speaking of pips-remember the fiber challenge?
from my feb. 26 and march1 blogs? well, it's coming along nicely-i'm knitting it in the round and i have about 10 inches done. check it out-color fun! I just might have to have a small ball charity drive(stop smirking)-i'm having tons o fun with this project and just might have to make up some cute baby sweaters for my etsy shop-so start saving those little balls for me- that is if i'm not totally sick of doing this by the time i get this sweater finished.

the weather has been good so i've been avoiding the book work(you know-the dreaded school stuff) and we've been unschooling- working in the garden getting our potato bed ready for planting and we finally dragged the old bunk bed out from being disassembled and stored in the living room-(quite attractive wall piece) and set it up outside in the trees for a fort/sleeping loft/first level of the many level tree house to come-it's a work in progress-no pictures yet. maybe later. this mama is tired-zzzzzzzzzzzzz!

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