Monday, February 26, 2007

happy birthday johnny!

i've always been to honored to share my birthday with johnny cash. my family asked me what i wanted to do for my b-day and i told them i want to knit, spin, dye and write my blog and listen to johnny. oh yeah-and eat some good spicy mexican food. we drove to town during the torrential down pour and had lunch. we are home now and i'm settled in for "my" time. i plan to start my fiber challenge project i made for myself. if anyone would like to join in please do. i was looking at the book "dyeing to knit" by elaine eskesen and found a cool project for all my tiny balls of yarn i've saved over the years. it's on page 110 and called the maine bounty sweater. yes, i know i can't believe i'm starting yet a new knittng project. but i have to go where i'm inspired. and when i'm excited about something i can't think about anything else. the problem is i get too excited way too much and i have too many unfinished projects. but here's a pic of my box of balls-this could be fun fun fun. although there is the issue of all those ends to sew in.-i figure that's a good project for knitting group-or other times when it's hard to concentrate. i also have some blue faced leicester soaking for some dyeing. the rain is thick, kids are playing, johnny's playing strong and my birthday homebrew is tasty. life is good. happy birthday johnny-hope you're havin a rippin time where ever you are.


jeanette said...

Sorry, I'm late to comment.... but you know how my life is....
all my love and best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous year!
Got the bumper sticker in the post today - LOVE IT! Thanks

beryl said...

A belated happy birthday to you! You share my daughter's birthday -- she was 41 --makes me almost old enough to be your mom. Think about how old that is:-)