Thursday, February 22, 2007

all my fault!

well, i guess the big "mama" herself had to put me in my place- was i being smug? i didn't mean to rub it in.-sorry everyone-today's snow storm was all my fault.(see previous post) my neighbor's plum tree was in full bloom-oops! but i must say the kids and i loved it! a big old madrone tree fell and almost smashed my garden fence.

i really wanted to spend the whole day knitting and spinning-it would have been so cozy! but the house is a wreak and i needed to get some chores done. damn chores- always interrupting my creativity. i did manage to dye some green fleece-getting ready for st. patty's day! while i was cleaning i found some real old roving and spun up a quick ball-it was the ugliest thing i have ever spun. but my youngest happened to like it-said he liked depressing colors. i said i would make him some socks or something out of it. i was thinking of giving it to the cat. if i'm brave enough i just might take a pic. tomorrow.

this snow fall was the kitten and chickens first snow. they did not share our enthusiasm. a lot of confusion. only one egg today. they did manage to find a small bare patch under a live oak-that they could still scratch about in. scratching in snow just wasn't doing it for them.

lucie is the black hen. she is a black australorp-our best layer. we call her lucie the lucky. she was the only survivor out of 8 hens after "the" disastrous dog party. then we got hazel grace and ruth to keep her company. they are partridge rocks. they were a month old when we got them. hazel was crippled and everyone told us she would never walk right and put her out of her misery. after we had her for a week-giving her lots of love and some special chicken vitamins(looks like tang!) she was running and jumping! glad i didn't listen. i love my girls!

happy shoveling!

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pippi said...

Can I (retroactivley) blame our snow on you, too? ;)

Poor feathered friends! I hope they come to terms with, "It's just snow!" & "nothing to fear" soon!

& Cursed housework, getting in the way of knitting!!! Happens to me all the time.