Sunday, February 18, 2007

electric lime

gee, i guess i'm going thru some kind of color phase thang. i just can't get enough of this electric lime chartruese color- a resurgence of my favorite girlhood color. this is my lastest knitted piece i knit for etsy. baby sweaters are my mostest fav thing to knit-they are cute and quik to knit- i'm an impatient knitter- i need instant gratification. now check out the color of my chicken coop below:

my then 8 year old boy and i built this coop last summer. i love building! i just wish i'd taken wood shop in high school-but girls were not "encouraged" to take such a class when i went to school-in fact chemistry was poo pooed too- every time i asked a question the responce was- you don't need to know-you are a girl. arg!!!!!! i'd love to clean that guy's clock now! anyway-i'm getting off the point. this small 4x8 coop took me all fricken summer. it took a little too long-if i'd had finished it sooner the chicken massacre dog party would never have happened.

so now check out the color in my latest dye job. i hand painted the merino fiber and then spun it. oh yea! gotta love it-my favoite color-electric lime.

opps!oops! sorry for the blurr!! i have a kitten on my shoulder.


Sara said...

too fun Stef! Are chickens color blind? They just might be afraid of that big green thing :)

beryl said...

I love the electric green. It will make it easier for the foxes to find the chickens with the neon glow pointing the way.

Congratulations on the blog. I'll see if I can link it to the world!

wooly daisy said...

you should see it glow in the dark on the full moon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! Christina here, Katie's soon to be wife if we can get the heck out of WV! ;) I know this is a post from February, but I coulden't resist commenting on the electric green! I love the lime colored baby sweater! I think it's so cool you build things. Great job on the chicken coop! Groovy color! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your chicken coop! (I really love that color too!)

Do you have anymore pictures of your coop. I'm just getting into chicken keeping, in the city, and I am trying to design my coop. I might steal some ideas from you, if that's alright with you.