Thursday, February 15, 2007


yeehaa! i finally got this blog up and running. (i think, i hope-we'll see) seems like weeks that i've been trying to figure this techno jargin out! please be patient-as i'm learning as i go. this is a view from my front porch. it's so hard to believe sometimes. welcome to my little piece of the world. i live on a small homestead with my hubby, 2 sons (15 and 9), 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 free range chickens and a garden. in the future i hope to have fiber sheep and goats. but i have tons o work-barn building(we do have preying mountain lions) and fencing-ohhh! fencing is a bitch! if i can only truly learn to operate that" come along!" we have viscious deer here-so my garden fence needed to be strong and tall. our "rosie rebel" women work trade group managed to get it done-but wow! i have great respect for fencers.
in my blog you'll find my monthly "chicken chronicles" article that appears in my local paper, my fiber adventures and all the groovy and not so groovy happenings in my world- fiber, knitting, spinning, lists, homeschooling, sustainability, overcoming my musicical fear of not being able to play banjo, gopher wars in the garden, loving beer, hating intolerance and captital letters. oh yea-and livin life in the foothills.