Sunday, August 3, 2008

still waiting........

i'm soooooo bummed. we were supposed to bet baby boy today-miscommunication! not till next week. i can barely stand it!!! here's his latest baby picture.okay- i guess i can make it another week-heavy sigh of impatience!

here's some solar dye pictures:the skein on the far left i dyed with fresh wolf lichen on the stove years ago-in real life it's very chartruessy. the middle skein is what i just recently solar dyed with dried wolf lichen-it is brighter as well. the small skein on the right is undyed. i did some solar dying for my fiber swap but i can't post till they receive it-i have not mailed it yet!!!

i'm having brown issues. i always end up with purple. i kept making the dye darker-but it just ended up being darker purple-i tried adding yellow and got glorious shades of monkey shit. getting frustrated i threw it all in a zip lock-squished it around and threw it out in the sun for the day. the results were pretty cool-but the camera won't make it look real. i have camera issues as well as brown issues.the true colors are a deeper bronze, purple and some greens-i didn't even add green!!! the picture looks totally washed out!!! it's a dark roving. quite beautiful! i'll never be able to recreate it.


soxchik said...

So sorry that you must wait another week for the little guy. His brown eye reminds me of 'The Little Rascals' Petey . BTW, The monkey shit mix up came out quite gorgeous.

Sharon said...

Consider the puppy wait a reprieve. This little fellow will be your new boss. Love!! your dye results. I can't image what they must look like for real as the photos are spectacular.

Pippi said...


(and PS, that waterbottle below! I LOVE IT! When he gets back, let me know, I think I may have to have you pick one up for me.)