Friday, August 22, 2008

more tea please!

i'm sooooooooooooo tired. blue wakes me up bright and early every morning-ever so chipper. but the week after the full moon brings the coyotes(we have very bold ones!) and they carry on-right outside my our house-they are very loud with their ear piercing shrill yaps-which excite all the dogs on the hill-especially skippy. he's the neighbor dog but considers himself "dog of the hill!" lives most of his life at our house. i swear i thought they were ripping skippy apart last night-he has a dislocated hip and broken teeth so he's an easy target. i had to bring him in the house and he barked all night-i finally let him out at around 4 a.m. when i knew the coast was clear. then i worried whether they were getting into the chicken coop or whether the cute flock of wild rogue banty hens that live in the forest will survive another moon. needless to say-i did not sleep well.

the triple digit weather has left-whew!! i was extremely cranky and i got a bad case of uptight impatient mother syndrome-i hate when that happens. hubby's been working out of town a lot lately so no quiet moments for me. blue hates the heat too! everytime i'd open the fridge he's jump in.
sorry for the blurr-but he is an active bugger!

i finally got around to solar dying with the marigolds i had steeping in the sun-like for ever!!!! i was waiting for alum to arrive from dharma trading co. and trying to spin up some undyed yarn. well-my patience was lacking-remember the heat? i knew my friend and neighbor rhodie just got a knitpicks order in-i.e. undyed yarn ready to dye! i borrowed a big hank of bulky-mordered it for a day in the sun with alum and cream of tarter. then strained my oozy marigold sludge water and rinsed the skein and put it in the smelly marigold tea-it could have fermented at this point-hey maybe i had some mighty fine wine-marigold wine. should have tasted it. let the sun do it's business and wah-lah! it worked!the heat finally ripened the tomatoes and peppers in my garden and i've been doin the salsa thang!the bright side of the heat has been solar dying. here's a few items.we had a great knit nite last nite. we actually had 5 of us!!!! it was at rhodie's who graciously let me bring blue as i couldn't leave him alone for that long. rhodie's hubby made a big spread of homemade chips, beans, guacamole-i supplied the salsa-being that i'm overflowing with it. birdsong brought some delicious home brewed beer , mary lou showed up which was a wonderful surprise-her first time and barbara sue supplied us with delightful stories of growing up jewish in new york-complete with singing "oklahoma" in hebrew!!!

blue needs a walk and i got get ready for horrid town day complete with a trip to get the car smogged-i hope it passes! then off to the delightful DMV. where i get to spend my afternoon with other "wishing to be anywhere but here" folks. sigh!

tibet awareness photo:


Turbo: said...

Your creations are soooo beautiful, and I love the essence that's embued in them. I wish I knew how to knit. Maybe when the kids are a little older, right?

Great puppy pic, I shared your blog with my husband and he thought it was so cute!

P.S. I've started the tag post, just haven't gotten to it, yet, but thanks for the interest!!!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Love the hot dog in the fridge.!!!!!

your wool is looking amazing.. lovely soft color from the marigold and the multi colored rolls..
You are one very busy girl!!! excellent!!

we haven't heard coyotes for a long time.. they must have moved on to new diggs.

karen said...

wish i was! except for the heat, of course. blue's "in the fridge" photo is priceless! knit nite sounds like a great time there, and i wonder if the mary lou you mention is the one i know. thanks for sharing your beautiful yarn photos, and the tibet awareness, as well.

MX said...

How cute is that Blue in the fridge? Luv it!