Wednesday, August 13, 2008

snot monster!

there's nothing i hate more than a cold-but even worse-a summer cold. it's bad enough to feel all crappy and miserable but add intense hot weather and you've got the recipe for HELL! ugh! i'm dragging myself around trying to get things done and it's so hard.

i realized-or i shall say liam realized i haven't done a garden post in a long time. well, i guess i'm not too excited about the garden this year. it's been a bad year for my garden. ear wigs galore, blossom rot, miniature peppers, pathetic tomatoes, gophers-the list goes on. i had 3 huge zucchini plants-over 3 feet tall. gopher delight-it's the only thing that wasn't wired underneath. i only got 1 sunflower this year-they also eaten by some creature. it bloomed this week!
despite all the problems with the garden this year-we are getting a few things. liam was excited about his " bounty harvest" as he calls it.the only thing doing well is the basil and purple beans. knock on wood! i realize i have much catching up to do on this blog a county fair post and update you all on my fiber adventures. i'm slagging i know-but i write blog posts in my mind all the time!! does that count? too bad i couldn't just download directly from my brain to the computer-on second thought that would be just too weird. forget i said that. it's the time issue you know.

i'm in puppy time zone now-we are working with potty training, not ripping apart the furniture, biting and chewing on toys not human flesh, not chasing the chickens, not swimming in the water bowl and flooding the kitchen and not eating chicken poop! maybe we should have named him Ritalin. but he is a dear sweet boy and oh so cute(it's a good thing) i always thought mother nature was right on when she made babies of most species cute.i actually got a wee bit of spinning done the other day with him!did i mention-not attacking feet, wheel or wool while spinning? i promise updating soon!!! very soon.

tibetan awarenss photo:


karen said...

oh, sorry about the cold...what a nuisance! your sunflower looks wonderful, and i can see why liam is excited about the's beautiful! i have a cat who chews yarn while helping me knit, so i can only imagine how it is to deal with fiber and a puppy at the same, you are a brave woman. what a darling puppy, you are right, it is a good thing babies of all sorts are so cute...saves their little hides a lot, doesn't it! take care, and thanks for the tibet photos, again.

MX said...

I love and appreciate the Tibet pictures. BUT color me shallow, Blue's pics are my favorite!;-)

soxchik said...

Puppy teeth are the worst. You must have a ton of patience. That's why we got the discount preowned dog this time around.

Turbo: said...

Oh I have soooo been off the blogosphere! Thanks for keeping me going! That cantalope looked wonderful and the eggs?! BEAUTIFUL! I have to agree, there's been wacky stuff preventing the bounty from overflowing, but I guess it's just one of those years! Take care, and get yourself a box of those lotion Puffs!

PS Keep the Tibet stuff coming, too!