Wednesday, August 6, 2008

welcome Hartley Blue!

surprise, surprise we got puppy after all-last night. what a peach he is. he's a red heeler named blue. hartley blue. we are in love. here's a very tired boy-just woke up from a nap under the kitchen table-he likes the cool linoleum.
notice the ears are starting to stand up.

last night i was startled out of sleep-lightning and thunder. barely a drizzle. so i couldn't sleep-as dry lightning=forest fires. heavy sigh. this morning we watched the fire planes fly low over our house. a friend of ours who is on the fire department next town over called me to reassure me. the two fires(close by) caused by lightning last night were small and further than they seemed-even though one was called the bullards bar fire-which is just a few miles from us. i could smell no smoke but actual wood burning last night. scary. but it was on the northern side and this afternoon they got it out. thank you fire fighters!!! thanks for calling lynn and shawn to reassure me.

i went to the farm store last weekend to check on my yarn and hand knit items. i was thrilled to find i sold a baby sweater!!!!! remember this one?the sweater was knit from Marr Haven yarn- i love that stuff-soft, not itchy and machine washable on gentle-just keeps getting softer!! the photo has issues-once again-it's a brighter green heather.

younger son just made a killer honey sweetened zucchini muffins and bread. sorry no pics-devoured to quickly-the neighbor kids sniffed it out !!!

gotta run- the kids are anxiously awaiting- mystery science theatre 3000- the killer shrews.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Oh sweet puppy love.. the best.. You guys are going to have such fun... it is always so marvelous how they liven everything up... gonna love his antics!!!

Pippi said...

I'm so glad you are safe!
We've been having lots of thunder and lighting today, and no rain, & about a half an hour ago I heard fire trucks! Good gawd, I guess that is what I get for nearly living in the deschutes forest.
But, I've been thinkin of ya!

Yay for the new pup!
Be well!

Beryl said...

A dog named Blue. Cute -- especially when you are a Red Heeler. Tell him I love his name and also his sweet little face.

MX said...

I just dropped by to check on puppy and I'm SO happy for you!!!!

soxchik said...

And now the fun begins! Please post lots of puppy photos and stories. And a big yay for your sweater sale.

MX said...

I came back for another picture of Blue... Please?

Birdsong said...

He looks like the best, sweetest baby... have fun!

Sharon said...

Yeah, we had our lightening fire about a half mile from here this week for several thousand acres. No more, thank you.

Love your Blue boy. Boy, will he change your lives. Heelers are truly a breed unto themselves. Little Boy Blue~ Lucky him, lucky you.

Barbara said...

I am only a month late in thanking you for mentioning us. You have had a tough August. I pray your Sept has turned out to be as nice as in the 70's after a 90' degee session.
Barbara Marr