Thursday, July 31, 2008

clouds to my rescue

i meant to post this tuesday but the days slipped by with no time for posts. i slept in tuesday- i never sleep in... and to sleep solidly till 8:00 a.m. was bliss. the reason- our bedroom was dark-very dark. cause of the unusual and unheard of -grey clouds. something i never see till mid-october around these parts. everyday sunshine! it's sickening!!! gads what's a stormy gal to do! i even missed the 5 second rain sprinkle-snoozing i was! hubby was right-the evidence was on the dusty car windshield. the air was cool. so refreshing-i felt alive. yes! later in the day-the dark clouds moved on and white ones followed.
didn't get pics of the dark clouds though-believe me-they were here!!!! simple pleasures are the best i tell you. i also had an exciting trip to the post office. i joined my first dyed fiber swap on ravelry. for three months i have to dye fiber and mail it to someone on my list and in turn i get fiber in the mail too. this divine merino roving came from cheryl in north carolina.i can't wait to spin it!!! i'm going to do some more solar dying tomorrow for my august person.

i don't know about you-but i just hate plastic water bottles. i hate the waste, i hate the taste and i hate paying for the damn things. well, local potter paul seege of sweetland pottery just came out with these beauties-we were able to catch him before he left for craft shows in idaho.nice huh- i may make a felted thingee to help prevent-the unspeakable. shhhh-i'm not gonna say it. i'm not even going there. anyway-the cool thing is i can put hot tea in it during winter. well, tonight we are attemping to have a knit nite at birdsong's. so i need to get food for the family and figure out what i'm going to work on. so i need to get off the machine. later.


Turbo: said...

I know what you mean about those simple pleasures, but I have to say, the heat is getting to me. When I retire, I'm heading to Canada!

Loved the water bottle. Please keep us posted if he were to sell any online and if you find success with the felt protective thingy!


soxchik said...

That looks like a great hot tea jug. Nice and solid. You cushion that well!