Saturday, July 12, 2008

hang man!

let the game begin! so far no one has guessed the california town from the 2nd lag of our vacation. see previous post. nine letters! now you may guess letters-the first person to comment with the right town gets a groovy something special from yours truly. here's the picture again:
i can tell you it is NOT inverness, groveland, jamestown, point reyes or bodega bay.

i have lots of dying pics to post but can't deal now. the smoke is affecting my brain-ugh! gee maybe if burning wood smoke had a bit of nicotine in it i wouldn't feel like such a zombie.

i think i've pin-pointed my hand issue- swimming. i really use my hands when i swim-i have been swimming way more this year than than last year- and i've been swimming up against the river currents. we've been going at night to cool off. we had a great night swim with an orange(because of the smoke) moon-bats flying around your head-way cool. will try and get blog totally updated as it's impossible to get anything done outside these days.


Beryl said...

It looks foggy. How about Inverness

karen said...

is it westpoint?