Tuesday, July 1, 2008

camels or marlboros?

fires fires everywhere-sigh! summer time is stressful here in california. i still can't see my view-but i don't know if the air quality is getting better or i'm just getting use to smoking 20 packs of cigarettes a day! i'm sad about many spots burning in our state-but the glorious "big sur" fire is only 3% contained last i checked. gads! i hear it's so hot even the redwoods are burning. they are known to withstand fire. heavy sigh! we almost went there for our vacation. now it will never be the same. last time i was there liam was just a wee little guy.

iv'e been so worried about the henry miller memorial library burning up. i went on line and it looks like it is unharmed-whew! i love firefighters!!!!!!!! kiss kiss to you!on another note- i have been doing lots of dying-but my pictures suck and don't do the fiber justice. i hate to post them. i did some solar dying and the fiber is beautiful. some targhee fiber from sweet grass wool. i'll try and rework the photos.

as far as the vacation photo contest(see a few posts back)-i've had 3 guesses-no winner yet. it is NOT groveland, jamestown or point reyes. i will give it another day-and we'll start playing "hangman" or "wheel of fortune" if you prefer-don't worry you don't have to pay for vowels! although hubby did suggest 10$ a vowel.


MX said...

Hmmmm. Angel's Camp? Twain Harte?

Sharon said...

Thanks for the reassurance on the Henry Miller library - this whole thing has been wrenching. It feels like everything will burn at some point - hate it.