Monday, July 14, 2008

garden post and more!

i realized i have not done a garden post in like for-evar!!!(i'm trying to sound like the youth of califonia-ha!) anyway- parts of my garden are good-parts of it- not so good. my potatoes seem to have some sort of fungus or blite. big bummer! i rotated my tomatoes as the garden gods tell me i should-they don't like this spot as well as last year's spot-they look tired. i think i could succeed very well as a zucchini farmer.
my melons are doing pretty good this year-this bity thing is now getting really big-sorry no pic. updates.i'm having a heck of a time with earwigs this year-damn them to hell! liam and i have been having fun with a breakfast challenge- only stuff from our property. we make a mean potato, zucchini, purple bean and egg scramble.on the fiber side- been updating my etsy shop. i was really ambitious and tried to do some dying for a fiber swap-tried to replicate kandinsky's concentric circles:well-the color mixing went awful and it was a big joke! check it out:i hate it. i couldn't even send it to my fiber swap person-i was even embarrassed to put it in my store. then younger son goes ape shit over it and doesn't want me to sell it-he wants socks made from it!! go figure-one dyers garbage is someone else's ecstasy.

here's the hangman board younger son made for my photo contest-see this and this - if you don't know what i'm talking about.
please start guessing letters!!!

i was unable to attend my fiber guild's spinning saturday this weekend -i hear there were several flavors of homemade ice cream! damn! and i missed getting to experince air conditioning!!!!
i so needed it after these triple digit days and smoke clogged lungs-gag! i made up for it spinning at the forest city museum(check this out too!) with birdsong on sunday! no air conditioning but the smoke seems to be clearing!!!! yea!


karen said...

are there any "a"s?

karen said...

love the breakfast challenge! it sounds good, too. i hear the smoke is clearing in some areas there, how about for you? i will join you in damning the blasted earwigs to hell...they jump out at me lately when i'm trying to deal with the lovely abundance of apricots from a friend's orchard...freak me right out. i don't really see any use for them, do you?

Sharon said...

I'm with younger son. I'd strip that roving and have a ball - like I need any more roving. I'd be in big trouble though if you lived closer. Yes siree.