Saturday, July 5, 2008

elvis sighting in downieville!

wow! we had such a great 4th of july yesterday. last summer the boys and i were in idaho visiting family. usually liam and i venture up to downieville and have a fun mama son time. this year it was a regular party. hubby came, the neighbors came and we hooked up with birdsong. carey missed the ordeal as he was hanging with his gal, sage and her family.

as you know-hermitesses do not like crowds. i avoid them at all cost. that is why we choose to go to downieville for the 4th of july. a parade and other festivities are happily happening on a small scale-a scale i can deal with.savannah with her....goat. yes, that is a goat! and the "fun guys" were there. nice shoes! where we live fire danger is always so high in the summer months. fireworks are not allowed. but the mountain folks have their own version of fireworks. they call them fire-less fireworks. the parade rambles by-it turns around and comes back-you get to see it again-from the opposite direction-how cool is that. they end the parade with 2 huge rolls of bubble wrap rolled down the street and the crown gets to stomp up and down the street in merriment-making our own firecrackers-what a gas!after the parade-beers and visiting. awaiting the awesome street race competitions. way too fun. i'm feeling it today. okay-let me clue you in on a little something-i walk-i walk a lot. but i never- i repeat never run- not ever. i don't even jog-okay? maybe it was the beers-but i agreed to run the street race-women-age 31 and over. shit! what was i thinking? when we lined up-i was checking out all the "in shape" 30 something babes. well- at least i can be a crowd entertainer. but there were too many women lined up. age 40 and 0ver had to step out this heat. thank the embarrassment-save face goddess! well, the age 40 and over wasn't much better. i still felt ancient. i can say-according to family members-i did not come in last-or were they just being nice-ha!!!! sometimes you forget about your body parts till you really use them-crap! i'm moving slow today-and it was nothing!

after the races comes the infamous "tug-o-war" competition. my personal favorite. here's a picture of my neighbor girl raena(with the red bandana) pulling her weight in the girls versus boys-under 14 years.--the girls won!!! then it came time for the womens tug-o-war. us gals had a ball! mountain women VS. flatlander women. what can i say? we kicked ass!!!! sorry to say the mountain men didn't do as well.

okay-some of you just might be thinking pretty wholesome eh? well- let me inform you- colorful folks are alive and well in downieville-just when you are saying to yourself- how could the offspring of this gentleman ever rebel?i think i found him-in downieville-very eager to pose. the day was complete with an elvis siting-how blessed are we????


Anonymous said...

I am moving to your town!! Looks so much fun than Squareville,Pa.!

Birdsong said...

Wasn't that the best fun ever! I am glad I looked through your photos just now, because I am a bit fed up with the way summer is turning out, between the heat and the smoke. At least we had a great time on the 4th:)