Tuesday, May 12, 2009

R.I.P. little one!

let's get the depressing stuff over with first. we lost our first chick. she was one of my favs too! we've lost older chicks(more pullet size) in the past-due to a neighbor dog-in fact it was our first flock- he killed 7 out of 8 our teens....devastating after raising them from newborns. we still have lucie the lucky....the soul survivor-she's our special gurl.....remember she's the one that used to ride on my shoulder till she pecked my eye!! (steven king needs to jump on this!)

here's the one we lost. it's hard for me as i feel i did something wrong. she is.... the speckled one. she was a golden penciled hamburg. a breed native to holland-just like my first spinning wheel.

she was so tiny! smaller than the bantums!!!! (see below.) we separated the bantums for breed identification-as we seem to have some ufos in the batch.

on a lighter note.....i had a great mother's day. liam and hubby made me huevos rancheros for breakfast--yum yum!!!

we worked on the bantum bungalow..i love building-hubby and i managed to do it without too much fighting. more like small bickering. sorry no pics...but the bottom frame is done and the linolium laid!!!!

then we went on a walk-down the road at the reservoir. that last rain really filled it!!

here's liam by our favorite ponderosa!

my favorite part of the day was liam woke early and picked some wild lupines and made me a card.....the best!!!!!! he put the flowers in one of his old bottles! i love my boy!

thanks for a great day roy and liam!!

i leave you with a picture of ..........my laundry room spy!

i think he was sent out by Tide. i despise that crap! i use natural stuff(unscented for sure!)....i'm so sick of getting clothes at thrift stores that i need to wash a million times and hang them on the line for weeks cause the smell makes me effin sick!!!!!! i'm sorry...but there is something really wrong with laundry detergent that has to leave a scent that lasts till the next century. what is it made of???? what's with those nasty stinky dryer sheets...we are killing the planet and ourselves!!!!

gee....okay, i said i'd get the depressing stuff over first...i'm sorry. have a beer and a cigarette instead of doing laundry. :)


soxchik said...

Hey, I have those fish spoons too! OOps, I mean sorry about losing little speckle. I guess there is a tricky dividing line between pets and livestock.

Also I HATE detergent smells. Especially grossed out by Synthropol lately.

magnusmog said...

oh, what a shame about the little speckled chick. I'm with you on the thrit store smellies too. I always wash them first time with no detergent just to see how much is still left in the clothes.

Sharon said...

Easy easy girl - step down off that soap box and no one will get hurt.

Lovely mother's day, fer shur. The loss of you little chick makes me wonder if I really want to go down that path. They really are vulnerable and yet their adult presence is so reassuring, like life is good - or something.

Jeanne said...

I totally agree with you about Tide! So true about thrift store clothes--that stuff does not wash out easily. Yuck. Gives all of us a headache.

Hey--your mouse looks just like the mice that took up residence in our house a few winters ago. We put them all outside--maybe they trekked down to your neck of the woods?

I'm really sorry about your chick!