Friday, May 8, 2009

i'm a new mom!!!

on friday, may 8th at 9:33 am i received a phone call from post master Bo Salisbury! i had been anxiously waiting for this i was soon to be a new mother. liam and i rushed to our beloved post office and Bo played stork and delivered to us our new bundles of joy!!!!!
all 18 of them! but wait....when we got home and opened the box we counted 22 chicks.

when we read the invoice it said-"males included for warmth." great!! i also have 4 baby roosters!!!!! noooooooooo! i don't want any roosters. if anyone out there wants any roosters-they are cute and free! here's liam with one he's named Columbus-as he likes to explore!

i believe them to be white leghorns. remember foghorn leghorn? yep! they are that kind. maybe one should be named kellog. please help me!!!!! take these cockerels and give them a good home-hey sue don't need another named "enchilada?"

we noticed one of the bantums looked a bit shaky and had weird eyes. we taught all the chicks to drink but this one wasn't thriving. i dropper fed her for about 30 minutes and put her in with the rest and hoped for the best.little did we know-she was just so young her eyes hadn't opened yet. in about an hour her eyes were open and she was fine. we thought she was born without eyes and we'd have a blind chicken-liam named her "keller."

besides the 4 deposable male packing peanuts here is what we got:
2 cuckoo marans
2 rhode island reds
4 buff catalanas(we have idenified 2 of these-i think we got substituted 2 other mystery chicks!)
2 golden penciled hamburgs
8 buff wyandotte bantums

more to come !!!!


Sharon said...

Good - I want to hear the rest. Someone today said the same thing. No roosters! My mother would have been appalled. She just knew she needed fertilized eggs.

Sara said...

Keller??? Columbus??

You guys crack me up :).

Anonymous said...

No thanks!! I still have some of Enchilada in the freezer! Yum :-)

soxchik said...

Bo looks like a great sport. Have fun naming your peeps. And.... Happy Mother's Day!

Birdsong said...

Yay! I got two Cuckoo Marans and they are so sweet. We took a mystery hen in our batch of pullets last week, and turns out she must be the oldest; at least definitely the smartest and first to check out the scene. They are growing fast.