Friday, May 15, 2009

gnome butts and insualtors

geez! where did the time go? in fact....i started this post quite awhile ago. let me finish and move on to more current stuff!! i guess you can call it springtime. but one of the best things about spring is the beginning of yard sales!!!!! liam and i found a few scores up the street from the post office. liam scored some insulators and i found some chicken fabric and my very first garden gnome that was not stolen!(someday i may confess on a blog post) i have many kitchen window gnomes but this little guy named "hoppy" is my first garden gnome here in california. check out the score:

here's some recent spinning: no time for details(remember it's spring) but here is my cottage creations all plied and another skein- my first 3PLY! a very soft merino!!!

here's my latest spinning project....BFL from Lisa Souza i purchased at stitches!

gorgeous! hopefully i have enough for a small shawl.

on the chick front- we lost lost the other "hamburg." she was so tiny!!!! i will post soon about the chick adventure but yes, it is spring and here is the family's weekend to do list:
1. rack beer
2. fire pack....pack important stuff ready to go at a moments notice
3. garbage
4. work on banty bungalow
5. garden
6. rocks at the base of the new chicken fence
7. put up shade cloth on front porch
8. weed wack
9. trim tree
10. put up screen door
11. suzie- chicken butt bath
12. clean nesting boxes
13. camptonville courier

heavy sigh....yes, it's spring! have a great weekend!!!!


Sharon said...

Love that yarn and look forward to seeing what that roving becomes. I thought for a delusional half hour this morning that I'd be able to go to Black Sheep this year and sate myself with their vendors. Alas, not to be - must continue to enjoy what others procure.

soxchik said...

Sorry about your chick (again). I love the uniformity of your spinning, That Judith class must have been awesome.

P.S. Love your new gnome. Is he named Hoppy because of the brewing? Is he a beer gnome?

vlb5757 said...

What do you do with you insulators? I have a collection of about 20 of them. I used to see ways to use them for candle holders upside down with some sand in it so the heat of the candle didn't shatter the glass. The stands were black wrought iron. You don't see too many of those stands much anymore.

Birdsong said...

I missed this post somehow! I just downloaded a great shawl pattern, using a two row slip stitch that would create a perfectly lovely striped shawl from your newly spun yarns.... just enabling!