Friday, May 1, 2009

unwanted visitor

okay-i'm trying to play catch up as the satellite has not been working thru all these rain storms. it used to only go out when the dish filled with snow. hmmm-maybe you are right ken-ufos!

here's my gaia shawl-coming along!

i'm not to thrilled about this noro sock yarn though. next time i would choose a different yarn. remember this BFL fiber from Miss Babs?

it was a delight to spin and i wish i had more. here's the skein: oops! pics a bit dark!

a few weekends ago hubby and i deciced to watch steven king's "the storm of the century." we had gotten it years ago at flea market or garage sale for a buck. what the hell, right? the feakin movie turned out to be 248 minutes long. do the math. that was one long movie, but compelling enough to not turn the damn thing off. we don't usually sit for that long! anyway- as the suspense was increasing hubby jumps off the couch totally freaking out-ripping his sweater off yelling there's something BIG and ALIVE in his sleeve! he throws his sweater out the front door- i'm thinking tick or spider. he says no-his sleeve was pulsating and moving of it's own accord. what babies we were! we were too afraid to look thru his sweater till the next morning. it was cold enough to know whatever is was would probably still be there.
this is what i found inside his sweater the next morning! it had crawled into his sleeve with out him knowing...till it got possessed by mr. king.

i hope to get some pics up from the nuno felting workshop last weekend. very cool technique indeed!


Birdsong said...

What a great story! Don't tell him I'm laughing. I love the newly spun yarn and can see why you would want more... like enough to make a sweater. It is gorgeous.

karen said...

OMG! That is a beautiful lizard. I'm glad it wasn't in my sleeve!

Tell me about the shawl yarn, I have a skein that my dear friend Amanda sent me that I was considering trying on the shawl pattern (Noro Kureyon sock, right?) but am awaiting your feedback. My sense of it so far with just a small test swatch while considering socks is that it feels extremely stiff and I wonder if it will soften up with laundering and wear.

I love Stephen King....;-) You are so brave to stay in your house overnight after that experience!

soxchik said...

Ha .That lizard was very patient to sit thru that long movie!