Thursday, April 23, 2009

totally textured!

well, it's Courier time again-the time our family puts together our town's monthly newspaper. i guess you may say it's more like a newsletter. it's a 12 page newsletter with a circulation of about 525. so i'm trying to do a quick post here before i enter the land of publication, hair pulling and swearing.

i've had some time to delve into my bag of crosspatch creations. the fiber i bought from morgaine of carolina homespun. this stuff is amazing. they come carded in batts of many different fibers combined into a colorful frenzy!!! here's my batts when i took them out of the bag:

my color selection is called "shadow grove." the fiber blend is romney X(arnie's pride) , purebred romney(blanca and elenora), some corriedale X, bombyx silk, viscose and silk noil. i think it's great that you actually know which sheep the fiber came from!!! i separated the fiber into little bits for spinning.

i spun it semi-woolen(i learned that at judith mackenzie's workshop!) and plied it!

the skein is darker in real life as there was a lot of black in it. i have more to spin up so i'm not sure about yardage yet. it's totally textured! i love this stuff. i want more in different colorways. these bags could be addicting.

here's a current picture of blue-what a hard life he has(pobre cito)......we should have named him "riley." he curls up nice and small-hard to tell he's over 50lbs.

i leave you with a picture of a rogue tulip we found growing at the edge of our woods-we have never planted tulips and we are the first folks to live on this property-so i have no clue where it came from.

kinda special.


karen said...

wow! i love the newly spun yarn...that is yummy, yummy, yummy! i look forward to seeing more as you continue to spin it. poor blue indeed, doesn't he know how to play it up?! wooohoo rogue tulip! it is special, and really does make you wonder...

soxchik said...

The rogue tulip is so orange. Great color, though I don't wear it. Nice textured yarn too!

Sharon said...

I immediately wanted some of that roving too. Your yarns is gorgeous. Wish I had access to a vendor. Did you get that at Sue's when Morgaine was just here? I really really wanted to come.

magnusmog said...

Fantastic yarn - makes me want to get the drum carder out and start mixing things up!