Tuesday, April 14, 2009

presents and pitbulls and snow.....oh my!

wow! what a day! my first surprise was when we went to the post office. there was a box for me from soxchik! what a delightful treat!!!! check it out:

she also sent some stuff for friend and neighbor rhodie. she hand dyed sock blanks for us. for those of you who don't know what sock blanks are-here's a brief description. soxchik makes a knitted fabric-like a rectangle on her knitting machine-then she dyes them. after that you can start to unravel it and knit socks right from the blank. wow!!! amazing. and they make groovy patterns or stripes depending on how they were dyed. can you guess who's blanks are who's? ha! i can hardly wait to start them!!! they are incredibly soft too!

she also sent candy, 2 knitting patterns, holy candles-one for each us! gotta love the virgin!! and a nifty tomato slicing gizmo! oh happy day!!! thanks soxy!!!!

my second surprise of the day was when liam and i decided to take a break from schooling and check on the chickens. holy pit bull batman!(as soxchik would say)!!! i opened the front door and nearly got plowed over by this pit bull(no collar) running into my house-following closely by blue! blue hates pit bulls with a passion. liam grabs a huge walking stick i'm freaking watching blue chase this stray pit bull around the house. the door was wide open(so was my mouth!) and she wouldn't leave-this was pissing blue off big time---meanwhile liam wants to bash the alien pit bull with the stick-i'm yelling no no! she was obviously lost and scared but not aggressive-thank god! blue was the one doing the aggressive thang-he did not want a pit bull in his house! we finally got her out-but blue was being a freak and i couldn't get him to calm down so i could separate them. he was attacking her and chasing her all around the yard. finally i screamed "STAY!!!" and blue stopped and sat there(my eyes nearly fell out of my head when i witnessed that!) long enough for me to grab his collar. i dragged him in the house-boy was he mad. called a neighbor to see if she had gotten a new pit bull-sure enough-she had just gotten her and her name is utah. she tends to rescue them. what a relief. i was able to get here home.

i sure wished i'd gotten a picture of the pit bull chase thru out the house-i was too busy dealing with situation for a photo op. but i did manage to snap a shot of blue later that day after our two cats failed us once again:

good boy blue!!!

oh! i almost forgot to mention-even though it was mostly sunny today-we actually got a few snow flurries-while the sun shone-it was very mystical.


magnusmog said...

holy sock blanks - those are marvellous!

soxchik said...

Wow Wooly, You turned it into some sort of nifty altar! I love your photo. And Good Boy Blue! Dogs Rule!!!! Slacker kitties drool!

Birdsong said...

Yay for all the goodies! I love that nose photo. Thanks for dropping by today - it was fun to swap stories and foods.