Thursday, April 9, 2009

spinning goddess part 2

i need to wrap up my spinning weekend at sue's.

we were blessed with the birth of a baby lamb while we were there. we saw her right after she was born. mama still had the afterbirth hanging. cutest thing ever-the lamb not the afterbirth!
not only did i have a wonderful weekend full of learning, fiber and friendship- but another goddess blessed our presence. the one and only Morgaine of carolina homespun came in her 30 foot fibermobile stuffed full of fiber of all kinds, spinning wheels and anything your little fiber heart desired. wow!!! it was a mini "stitches" right in sue's house. here's her dining room table:
i really wanted to get a pic of Morgaine but my camera ran out of batteries. here's some eye candy for ya:
can you say ooh la la!!! i wanted everything. everywhere you turned you stood face to face with the most beatiful fibers. but was shocked when i looked in my closet before i went to the workshop and went thru my fiber stash and saw how much i truly have. i did NOT need any more fiber. i was very good. besides Judith's new book i bought some more bobbins for my wheel which i needed. truth betold..... i did buy a bit of fiber....only a wee bit.

you see, part of sue's floor was covered thigh deep with bags of crosspatch creations. i wanted to jump right in and wriggle about! i had never seen these awesome bags before; filled with fabulous carded batts with a variety of fibers in them. i just had to try one! i promise pics and a post on it soon! here's the crosspatch mound:this pic was take after most of the shopping was done. it really was a small mountain to begin with! my other "bit" of fiber i got was a handfull of dyed mohair locks. damn that stuff if cool!!well, the sun is shining. i need to get outside.


soxchik said...

Holy Toledo, Batman! That is a lot of fiber to wade through. It must have been a version of fiber heaven. Let me know what you do with your mohair locks. I have a couple of bags of them that are waiting for inspiration.

Jeanne said...

That lamb is the cutest! And black, too!

Sharon said...

I was so disappointed when I realized that I couldn't come. Then I was kinda relieved because I would have spent all my allowance. You are so lucky - what a great day.

Birdsong said...

What a great time! I love the lamb. Didn't try to get by and shop for the very reason you stated... too much stash already, including half of a huge processed fleece.