Saturday, April 18, 2009

fingers itching for more!

i feel like i have a lot of updating to and don't know where to begin. i guess i'll start a couple weeks ago when we were having much rain. liam and i went on a worm walk and collected earthworms for our garden. check out our yogurt container score!i've been knitting and spinning a lot. here's my growing log cabin afghan:

some of these photos are really dark-camera having fits that day. a friend commissioned me to make a log cabin baby blanket for a baby due in june. i'm having fun knitting this as she dose not want a traditional blanket. the yarn is a great blend-65% cotton with35% alpaca.

i'm so loving this mindless pattern as i can knit it anytime anywhere. the constant talking and interruptions from the family don't matter with this pattern! great for watching movies too!

when i have tons of projects going i feel the strong urge to start even more projects. i don't know why but it's unstoppable and i can't control myself. i know i'd complete more things if i stopped starting-but....... so here it is my gaia shoulder hug shawl. ding ding ding-free ravelry pattern folks!! it takes only one skein of noro kuryeon sock yarn.

it's very fun-and as soon as i get this post done i'm gonna get my fix and knit some more.

spring is so here!! we had our first poppy bloom.

a couple weeks ago liam and i took blue on a hike at the north fork of the yuba river. liam made his first duck of the season:

blue barked like a freak at boulders in the river thinking they were evil creatures out to get us. liam took this shot of one of our swimming holes-we anxiously await river time!

well-i'm outta here-neet to work on the my new shawl.


Sharon said...

Thanks for the Yuba River pictures. I need to get over this year - I don't think there's anything prettier than the Yuba. Take your knitting and then you can listen to it too!

Birdsong said...

Nice selection of spring things! I agree with Sharon about taking your knitting to the river; we better plan an outing soon.

soxchik said...

That's going to be a gorgeous shawl. Great cup o' worms, too!