Sunday, June 10, 2007

just call me blanche

i probably shouldn't be attempting to type right now,as i can't see very well. i feel like blanche: one eyed!

this picture is from a book i'm reading: "the family story of bonnie and clyde," written by phillip steele along with claude's sister marie. blanche is clyde's sister in law -part of the barrow gang. her eye was injured from glass during a shoot out. i've always been fascinated by gangsters even as a child i pretended i was toting around a Browning Automatic Rifle in my violin case. no, i wasn't involved in a shoot out -my dear chicken lucie pecked my eye ball and i have a scratched cornea. bluury and double vision-it's quire painful and nauseating. she was sitting on my shoulder as she often does and blam she came from the side-i did'nt even see it coming. it was not a malicious act-chickens peck at everything, she probably saw my eye move and thought it was a tasty snack-ugh! the kids are having fun making up "far sides" about it. i'm laughing now but not at the time. here's my eyeball-i got the picture from the eye doc.-the greenish mark is the scratch.

i gotta go back tomorrow to make sure it's healing. it sure messed up my weekend. i had so much work to do and i missed spinning saturday AGAIN! blurry and double vision make driving a challenge and worst of all i can't even knit, read or spin-too nauseating. i'm trying to get my coop addition completed the gurls are getting so big. too big to still be sleeping in the bathroom-that's for sure. here's what i've done so far:
well, i can't stare at this computer anymore-too weird on my eyes-i leave you with a picture of sweet lucie. i guess her shoulder sitting days are over.


Sharon said...

I think chickens are beautiful birds but will probably never be brave enough to own any. My dad's chickens always chased and pecked me so that my poor old grandmother would have to come out with a broom and shoo them away. I'm still not very brave.

liberal redneck said...


JAK said...

what the heck did you do?
Ya I'm writing again, usually do when my life is a fumble.

How do you do it, .......all knittin and chickenin, and so...el' naturellll.....

I admire you.

Beryl said...

Sweet Lucie is lucky you are a vegetarian!