Friday, June 22, 2007

buny buny

okayokay-i have not given up on fibery things-summer is just so busy for me. thank the goddess school is done. in honor of the summer soltice i jumped on the band wagon for solar dying-thanks to pippi. something i've been really wanting to do-i've done it with kool-aid no problem. geez i swear that stuff would dye at the north pole with no heat-hey kids-have a drink-yum! so i did a practice skein of this ugly pale pastel green. i soaked the skein in warm vinegar water for 30 minutes. i put the skein into a small enamel pan and then i poured 2 dye colors(olive greeen and a gorgeous slate blue) and tightly covered it with syran wrap. i put it in the sun- i have tons! forgot about it and this is what i got-the picture does not do it justice as the colors are totally off.

the blue is more muted and the white is actually pale green. i look forward to more solar dying.

meet bunybuny the 2nd: he loves hanging about in the tomatoes.

i made buny buny the 2nd-for liam when he was maybe 4? he chose the colors. liam is now 9 and buny buny is the only stuffed animal he really bonded with-he's a serious guy!

now, i'm sure most of you are on the edge of your seats wondered who was buny buny the 1st. well, it's a rather tragic story. i made the original buny buny for carey-liam's older brother-who is 15. carey is my bonus son and quite an awesome human being-anyway-i made buny buny for carey when he was 5? sorry my memory fails me. anyway buny buny was tan with sea foam green ears and feet bottoms. carey-loved buny buny so, and took him faithfully back and forth from our house to his mom's house. well, a few years back carey forgot buny buny at his mom's and his little sister was worried that he would be lonely when they went to the peppermill in reno so she took the liberty to bring him with her when carey was with us. poor buny buny got lost gambling or doing other rogue buny activities while vacationing in reno,nevada(wink wink.)yes, it was very sad for all of us.

i am now embarking on buny buny the 3rd-for my bonus niece-elle(she's 2 1/2), whom i will being seeing next week when liam,carey and i head on an idaho/wyoming adventure. we will be camping at the tetons in wyoming and then heading to a cabin in idaho for family visiting. i'm stressing that i won't get her done in time. liam chose the colors.

here's the feet and the begining of the butt. i will knit it and then felt it in the washer. can i get it done-the count down begins-i have one week-besides getting all the chickens and garden ready for dear hubby to watch for me-thanks hon.!

you chicken fans out there might be wondering about hazel's new brood. well, things are going okay-i'm still stressed and a bit sad. the last chick to be born is kind of being shunned by the others. it has not grown like the others and is rather pathetic. mom ignores it and the other chicks seem to bully it. i'm letting nature take over and if it is still alive tomorrow-i think i will have to bring it inside. great, just what hubby wants-one more thing to take care of while i'm away-sigh! lucie and ruth are still royally pissed about the whole teen thing. and i fear i've made a grave mistake trying to increase my flock-i had beautiful hen harmony with only 3 gurls. and then there's luca brassi-remember? the devil kitty!(see past post) she is obsessed with killing the new babies. the minute she heard the peeping she has been on the roof of the coop extention tring to figure a way in.

hope i can relax during my 10 days away from the homestead-i'm already having nightmares.


Sara said...

Hah! Buny Buny 2 looks like he's having a bit of a nightmare himself: ears straight up and eyes wide open. Maybe he's scared of the tomatoes?

Coming to the picnic Tuesday at Sue's? :)

soxchik said...

I love the felted buns!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Nice hares! I find it's harder to leave than to actually be gone. Have a wonderful time~