Saturday, June 16, 2007

gurl's bestfriend

geez-seems like forever since i've posted. my eye is so much better-i can computer again(computer is verb for me.) well, i finally kicked the teenagers out of the house-they were driving me nuts! my bathroom is once again mine-yea!
look at these lazy bums-ha!

i've been in rush mode to get the coop extension done. it's not quite there but almost. hazel is still setting and i don't know what to do if all 5 eggs hatch. she is beside herself with the teen invasion and i've been dealing with hen intervention trying to introduce the new flock. lucy and ruth are pissed cause their baby food tastes better than their laying pellets.

here's the coop as of today:

i could not have done it with out my dewalt 12 volt- a gurl's best friend!
well, we already reached triple digits on my side of the hill and i'm ready to hit the road and spend the summer in ireland- i want, i need, i have to have-mist, drizzle,fog, clouds and beer. i must have a sun allergy. but when it's hot and you want a cold home brew- be careful about the quick chill-sigh!
now this is what i call a cold beer!
i have not been fibery lately-due to my eye injury(previous post) i know-piss me off!!!! i did harvest some calendula and started soaking it in olive oil for my healing salve.
i put them in the sun for a few weeks and let the magic happen-maybe i will do a quick post on how to make healing salve. later. all work and no play makes "woolydaisy" a crazy bitch so little son and i hit the grass valley blue grass festival-( this is Not big son's cup o tea-he's 15)- we had a ball!

i want to get a group of spinners to come out next year like we do for the celtic festifal-imagine how fast we could spin with all that quik pickin!

now i'm trying not to be jealous or anything but shit, when these 14 year olds get up and blast a hole in your pants with their banjo playing you gotta think they came out of the womb with a banjo in their hands! like this cute little one-sorry i don't remember her name as they were not on the schedule-she's pictured here with a guitar-but she rocked on the banjo!

it's so inspiring. liam lucked out and got a guitar. a beautiful red 3/4 size made in canada-with the right price-from the thin man(where i got my banjo.) liam plays mandolin and really wants to play guitar too. so i forked it out and he's in heaven.
my favorite band of all was "the greencards"-they are amazing-not traditional-but that is okay with me. i love trios!

the mandolin player was so hot-that liam's mandolin teacher actually said-"i gotta go home and practice." i was floored with their performance. check them out please! they did the best remake of "50 ways to leave your lover" i have EVER heard.

geez-gotta go! but i will leave you with some awesome liam shots of the bluegrass crowd:

this baby was all over liam's mandolin case:


JAK said...

liam is a wonderful photographer.

JAK said...

and you great story teller, and or writer, what ever, your life is so very interesting.

soxchik said...

Yes, you must go to Ireland. It will cool you off and inspire greatness. You must get to the Aran Islands and play Roan Innish (I love that movie too!).

Sharon said...

Love love love the Greencards - have two of their albums on my iPod. I use calendula in my soap for the same reason you use it in salve but I can't grow it because of those pecky wabbits.

JAK said...

I listened to the greencards, I love them....great trio.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Christina here again. I'm very much interested in your healing salve. My grandma uses olive oil for healing purposes as well. Would love to see a post on how to make it! Katie loves daisy's and would prefer a daisy over a rose any day! I'll keep reading...