Wednesday, January 30, 2008

let it snow ,let it snow, let it snow!

what an awesome snow storm!!!! glad i stayed home- it started out so innocently tuesday morning-we had our morning walk and it was barely coming down. by the time we made it home there was an inch or two on the ground-it was acummulating fast. we had tons of errands to do in town that day-but i chose to stay home as i hate driving curvy mountain roads when it's snowy- hey- i learned to drive in February in wisconsin-may i say this- flat!!!! may i say this- no curves-were' talking straight flat farm roads for miles on end!!!! when i lived in minneapolis-i didn't have a car-i rode my bike or took public transportation. so i do get all nervous driving these snowy roads-and our driveway is steep and curvy.-which we are now totally unable to get out-even with 4-wheel drive. i needed to go to the post office today and music lessons tonight-but as dylan says-"we ain't a goin nowhere." now the bummer thing about homeschooling is-snow days don't exist. we still gotta do our work-but the kids are going crazy to sled down our fabulous driveway-so i lighten our load and let them play. and play they did! our property is so steep-we almost lost them a few times!!! unfortuanately our dryer is broken so i couldn't dry and warm their snow clothes thru out the day. i hope to get a sledding video up in the next few days-but it will take some technical doing on my part.
so- my computer is being possessed right now -don't know if you can see it but i can-it's typing in blue and underlining the words-and it won't stop-shit, whenever i try and underline something it won't-i'm getting pissed. i hate when other entities take over my computer!!
anyway-(it stopped!!!!) i have some photos of my recent dyeing adventures: soon to be available on my etsy site. lovely soft merino!!!
i know i know- can't i ever do any other colors? i just love these- but i did use up some raspberry dye that was explosive-i hope it mellows when i spin-put your shades on:

ouch! that hurts!!!

for those of you who have inquired(thanks!)-ruth is doing somewhat better-still in the laundry room-and no clue what is up-after all my reserch. i continue to put echinecea and vitamins in her water. i'm sure the other gurls would love to be in the laundry room too:lucy says-"hey-where'd everyone go?"well, it's bedtime story time-gotta go. enjoy life and snow-we are suppose to get more!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous you have snow. All my guys are desperate for it. We had about 1" over a month ago and they play outside until 8pm. Sorry to hear about your hen. We just lost a rooster over the weekend (fox) & I am so happy. He was so fresh. Now the ladies can relax. Oh further similarities: we have a picture of our Liam eating his dinner in a large dog crate- a little phase that lasted only a week thank god. AND we had a little friend living behind our stove. We found out because one day after breakfast while I was quietly drinking coffee at the table the little creep got on the counter & helped itself to some pancake batter. AARRGH! so gross- the jerk is now dead but boy it was cute. -Lisa

Jenifer Kolbo said...

My aunt and cousins live in potlatch Id. I guess they have like six feet of snow, her garage roof caved, and the pics are unreal.

Hope ya'll are having a blast in it.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous colors - you do such a good job and nothing is felted. I'm envious.

shelleycaskey said...

wow, look at all of that snow! beautiful! and i LOVE the yarn! reserve it for me! :) - shelley,

Birdsong said...

I hope you can finally get out the driveway, but the snow has really hung on, even with all these nice, sunny days. Quite a load, eh?