Sunday, January 27, 2008

where's ruth?

i think the girls are wondering where ruth is. i opened the front door yesterday afternoon and this is what greeted me:

ruth is still in the laundry room-looking slightly better. i'm a bit worried. the only advice i've gotten so far is let her have a week in the laundry room-if she's not well by then you need to cull her-gads!!! how can i kill her????i'm not that kind of farm gurl. heavy sigh!

on another note- i did get some dyeing in. only one pound of merino. better than nothing. of course i always forget to take photos while i'm playing-this is all i got:once the fiber has dried i will post more photos. i've been very busy with commissions lately-which always makes me nervous. hoping they will like what i make for them. here's some yarn i'm working on-blue-faced leicester!i dyed this merino and spun it for a hat commission:
hubby's been traveling a lot lately for work-it's nice to have him home. we bottled some homebrew today:i'll leave you -on this very rainy day-with a picture of liam with his favorite hen-kamakze.

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Birdsong said...

Nice photos of domestic bliss... glad to hear that Ruth is doing better. Did you get snowed in yesterday?