Wednesday, January 2, 2008

YEAH! 2008!


we had a wonderful new year. a celebration at our neighbors / friends rhodie and scott. delectable new mexican cuisine made from scratch! after much feasting and shots of "hot damn" we had a spectacular fireworks display in our newly cleared field.we don't do fireworks in summer because of fire danger. so we set them off at new years. very fun indeed!

well, since our journey to find snow- we got some of our own. yea!
here's a shot of one of liam's outdoor insulators.
the weather hasn't affected the hens at all-we've been getting 5-7 eggs a day. you go girls!!!!well, i have been weather proofing today for the upcoming series of storms that is expected to hit tomorrow. still need to buy gas for the generator. roy and liam are sick so we need that heat if the power goes out! sometimes i think these weather people get a bit dramatic. one station says-the worst storm in 10 years the next one says worst storm in 15 years. oh brother! but i prepare cause i know if i don't-that biggie will indeed hit.

i leave you with a picture from this year's poison oak festival in columbus, ca. in honor of our present condition. roy is more careful as he always gets it. liam and i never used to get it. not so anymore. i got it big time!!!! land clearing. winter is the worst-those damn sticks still got the juice. oh misery! if only i could stop itching so i could get some sleep! nothing like starting the new year off with a grand case of poison oak. check out the oak bikini:


soxchik said...

Wow, I love the snow,and hate the poison oak. Katherine had a 'waistband' pattern of it last year that was just horrible. She got it sledding down a dirt hill. That activity has been nixed from her curriculum!

Birdsong said...

A Poison Oak Festival? Who woulda thunk it?! Here's to a new year of Knit Nights:)