Sunday, January 20, 2008

damn turkeys!!!!!

wow-long time no post. besides the storms, the poison oak(which is still itching!), the sicknesses, the schooling, the field trips etc., etc. etc., etc. life just left me with no posting time. we are having beautiful misty , foggy weather at the moment-my favorite kind. snow showers are expected later. i'm watching the football playoffs with hubby right now-sure looks cold!!!!(it's colder in green bay right now than it is in moscow, greenland and alaska-shit!) football bores the hell out of me-but it allows me to get things done like blogging, knitting or spinning. unlike basketball-which i like but i have to keep my eyes on the screen as it is action packed and not boring in anyway. so, i can multi task while watching football.

anyway- i'm sure you have all been holding your breath on my xmas tomboy gift i got myself-aheim-i mean the family-a mighty fine-----are you ready? check this out-(see an earlier post-"holiday tingle") an official "wrist rocket" i have wanted one of these forever!!!!! we are having a great time blasting the wild turkeys. unfortunately they keep coming back. they drive me crazy!!!! they eat all my expensive organic chicken feed-they are quite the nuisance. i had a post during turkey hunting season-but decided not to post it-i may still do it-it's a bit gorey.

news flash-it's snowing-yea!

i've been super busy fixing and cleaning the chicken coop for better weather protection, the boys helped dig the new potato patch(thanks!) and i have many knitting and spinning commissions i'm working on at the moment. my hands hurt. gotta give em a break! plus- i started up my banjo lessons again.

here's a caplet i finally finished for myself in bulky merino-with awesome antler buttons:
disclaimer-no deer was harmed in the making of these buttons! so all you bambi lovers out there can let out a big sigh of relief!!!!!!

my latest baby bonnets knit out of my handspun have been real popular. here's a few i already sold:if you'd like to see more of my knitted stuff and and handspun yarn check out my flickr site. i will leave you with 3 awesome photos that liam(youngest son) took during the "storm of the century"-yes, we snicker about that too birdsong!
later folks-"go packers!"


mx said...

Good to see you back!
I love football and an watching it now.
Very cold in ar but no snow;-(

Sara said...

Well, sorry about those Packers.

We watched it too, from our WARM living room. I kept looking at those temps and thinking, "Man: those people are nuts to live there"

Now I want a wrist rocket :)

soxchik said...

Oh Wooly, When we were kids, my mother had a drawer of slingshots that she confiscated from my two brothers. One day I happened upon the secret stash!

Another story: When we lived in Kodiak, AK, I used to work at a leather shop. We would pay people $1 per point for antlers. Then my boss would saw and sand them into buttons. We attached the buttons as zipper pulls onto the leather backpacks and purses that we made. They had a unique rustic look. That was a great job and a great place to live!

Sharon said...

Those baby caplets are mighty cute, but even better with your gorgeous yarn.

Birdsong said...

Wow, you really cover a lot of ground when you decide to catch up! I am looking forward to seeing the cape in person.