Saturday, February 9, 2008

chicken butt adventures!

wow!-11 days of being snow bound-unable to drive up our driveway. we relied heavily on neighbors and sleds to bring things in-thank you rhodie for groceries and the use of your dryer and birdsong and glenn for chicken feed! we live on top of a hill-the boys and neighbor kids had a blast sledding all the time. my dryer broke and we couldn't use the clothesline-i would haul wet clothes up hill to rhodie's-and then ride it down in the sled dried-yee ha! what a fun ride! only took a few seconds to ride down it was so fast!!!we've been getting caught up on our schooling but i've been so worried about ruth-our sick hen. she has lived in the laundry room for 2 weeks i put vitamins and echinacea in her water, fed her lot's of healthy food but no egg in 2 weeks-that's bad. egg binding can kill a hen. and trying to help her get that egg out can give her a heart attack and kill. so-i figured either way she could die. never, never, never in my whole life did i ever think i could do what i was about to do- lube up my fingers(gloved) and stick them up my chicken's butt!!! wow- i felt for stuck eggs and lubed her all up inside and then massaged her stomach toward the vent.(butt) i was trying hard not to remember old john waters films that dealt with x-rated chicken scenes-i'll spare you the details!!!
afterwards i put ruth to bed and expected her to be dead by morning- low and behold-maybe it was the fingering or maybe it was the canned salmon i fed her that day- but she looked great the next day-and she layed an egg!!!!oh happy day!!! i plan on reintroducing her back into the flock tomorrow night. i will stick her in the coop after the others are asleep-hens can be nasty.

during the big storm my boy liam turned double digits-the big 10(shit!) we weren't able to do much but today-he was in heaven we went to town!!!!! and hit some yard sales-he got ootles and ootles of his kinda things-old stuff-bottles,tins and insulators-he was in heaven here's a box of old bottles he got for one dollar:i won't bore you with all his scores-but i will bore you with some of mine!!!! one place we went to was a sale from a deceased mountain man- i scored handmade leather shoes: for 3$
hand sewn fur pants for 5$a jesus, mary and joseph pendant for my catholic mother-i wore it to spinning saturday later in the day-wonder if anyone noticed-most folks know i don't follow the faith of my upbringing- though i still love the icons and here's a real score:a good day was had-and now it's late and need to get off le machine-but it was great to get off the hill and shop and go to spinning saturday-haven't been there in ages. saw lot's of old friends and met new ones!!! too bad i forgot my camera!!! there was so much beautiful color happenings going on!!!


soxchik said...

Love the fingering! Next time get a room!

Sharon said...

Spinning Saturday is what I call fiber therapy and I always appreciate a dose of that.

Beryl said...

I love your egg rescue story. Glad Ruth has survived the ordeal and will be back with the rest of the old "biddies" soon.

lisa said...

Just read Ruth finally got some relief! My husband a.k.a grizzly man loves the fur pants-his eyes also lit up when he saw the shoes. And the laundry by sled story is so cute. You're like a Jan Brett book or something.